Attachment Supplement – March 2009

Scoop attachment for Ventrac owners

The HE 300/480 Slip Scoop from Ventrac transports materials such as soil, sand and gravel at construction sites or in a backyard. Slip Scoops can handle excavation, backfilling, digging and grading. They are hydraulically controlled from the driver’s seat, and Slip Scoops attach quickly with Ventrac’s Minute Mount System.

Go for maximum traction with Grouser Bar Tracks

Grouser Bar Tracks use an open bar design providing both traction and flotation in soft, muddy and loose soil conditions. Crossbars permit maximum traction by allowing material to squeeze into the track for the machine to push against. Flotation is increased by as much as 50 percent.

Aerate soil while keeping roots intact

The Aera-vator from Grasshopper is available with 50-percent more tines to loosen the soil. The oscillating steel tines aerate by puncturing the turf with minimal damage to the root system, preserving root development. Available in 40- and 60-inch models, the Aera-vator works to improve drainage of turf, lift and freshen beds without disturbing mulch, and prepare ground for seeding and sodding.

Towable dirt scraper provides earthmoving capabilities

Hoelscher’s towable dirt scraper attachment turns compact tractors into earthmovers. Designed for 35- to 50-horsepower tractors, the DB Series scrapers are available in 5- and 6-foot cutting widths that carry up to 1.3 cubic yards. A trunnion-style hitch mounted to the lower arms of the tractor’s three-point hitch allows for 90-degree turns, with up to 30 degrees of oscillation.

Grade with electric power

The fully automatic Level Best grading box from ATI uses electric power rather than a hydraulic valve. It can grade up to 1⁄8-inch accuracy in elevation and is available in five widths – from 48 to 72 inches wide. Other features include flat-proof flotation tires and a bolt-on reversible cutting edge. The grading box uses Apache, Leica, Trimble and Topcon laser controls.

Rolling aerator works with tractor loaders

The Turfsaw from Earth & Turf attaches easily to the buckets of tractor loaders. Simply slide it onto the bucket, tighten the mounting bolts, and blades are ready to aerate. The blades are easily adjustable for penetration from 21/2 to 33/4 inches. A majority of the working weight comes from the weight and down pressure of the loader. The Turfsaw can be operated at up to 10 mph in favorable conditions.

Restore soil with multi-function attachment

The RotaDairon Turf Magician attachment for utility tractors combines several functions to create a mature turf quickly. The attachment cultivates, grades, seeds and rolls in a single pass, burying stone, sod and debris as it goes. Many parts, including the screening rods, are constructed of a special allied steel for strength, and jackscrew adjustments change the depth of dig and height of grader blade.

Material handling attachment for compact utility loaders

Kaltec’s Landster is a material handling attachment that combines a land leveler with general-purpose tines to create one multipurpose attachment. The heavy-duty tines can perform a variety of tasks such as demolition as well as handling or spearing bales and other loose material. The leveling system includes three stages – the first acts as a dozer blade, while the second and third stages fill and level.

Auger bucket handles variety of materials

Danuser Industrial’s auger bucket can mix, transport and dispense various materials such as concrete, sand, washed gravel, asphalt, wildlife feed and agricultural grains. A 1/2-yard capacity holds 22 bags (80 pounds each) of premix concrete, and a 3/4-yard capacity is available with optional hopper extension. The auger bucket provides controlled discharge – up to a 1/2 yard in 50 seconds – with excellent operator visibility. Left- or right-hand discharge possible.

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