Graham targets small to midsize landscapers with 300-gallon sprayer

Updated Jan 4, 2016
Graham Spray Equipment says its GSE-300 is designed specifically for small lawn-care companies that want to get bigger.Graham Spray Equipment says its GSE-300 is designed specifically for small lawn-care companies that want to get bigger.

Recognizing that its landscaping market contains numerous small operations along with the few really big outfits, Graham Spray Equipment is putting the word out about a skid sprayer designed specifically for small to midsize lawn-care companies. Graham pitches the equipment as the perfect tool for small companies that want to get bigger.

The GSE-300-gallon skid sprayer is the perfect fit for landscaping or lawn-care companies that are sole proprietorships, a Graham spokesman says. The Douglasville, Georgia-based company, which serves customers from Canada to South America, says the GSE-300-gallon can handle up to 200 residential accounts effectively. Consequently, a landscaping company that begins using the equipment can expect to generate an estimated $145,000 in annual revenue, according to Graham’s estimates.

The Graham sprayer is designed to work with long-wheelbase Ford, Dodge, Chevy and GMC pickup trucks that can handle a gross vehicular weight of 10,000 pounds. Graham touts the longevity and reliability of its rigs by pointing out that they often outlast the pickups in which they’re anchored.

The key to its longevity, according to Graham, begins with the choice components that go into the skid sprayer. The standard 300-gallon fiberglass Tuflex tank is used because of its ability to stand up to corrosive fertilizers and pesticides. John Bean pumps – long recognized for their superior materials and build – are also standard. As for electric hose reels, Graham’s reel manufacturer of choice is Hannay. And finally, the GSE 300 sprayer is powered by a Honda engine.

Available options include a compartmented 300-gallon tank at 110 and 190 gallons; a 400-gallon tank; and a compartmented 400-gallon tank (110/290).

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