Landscaping Quiz

  1. What does “Rated Operating Capacity” indicate on a skid-steer loader?
  2. On a skid steer with an operating load of 2,000 pounds, what is the tipping load (in pounds)?
  3. What skid steer lift pattern would be preferred for dump truck loading?
  4. Before operating a skid-steer loader, you should ___?
    A.) Review and understand the Operation and Maintenance Manual
    B.) Survey your job site for potential hazards
    C.) Wear your seatbelt and other proper safety equipment
    D.) All of the above
  5. When safely entering or exiting a skid-steer loader, the operator should maintain __ points of contact?
  6. What are the advantages of using a track skid steer as opposed to a wheeled machine?
    A.) Low ground pressure for reduced damage to sensitive surfaces
    B.) Improved traction in slippery conditions
    C.) Reduced soil compaction
    D.) All of the above
  7. When should a walk-around inspection of your skid steer be performed?
  8. What are some of the key landscape applications for skid-steer loaders?
    A.) Material handling
    B.) Planting
    C.) Digging
    D.) Soil preparation
    E.) All of the above
  9. When and where was the skid-steer loader invented?
  10. Skid-steer loaders are popular with landscape contractors because __.
    A.) A variety of attachments allow for versatility in the jobs they can do
    B.) Their compact size allows for easy transport
    C.) Their compact size allows them to work in tight spaces
    D.) None of the above
    E.) All of the above.

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  1. The stability measurement by which skid-steer loaders are rated and compared
  2. 4,000 pounds
  3. Vertical lift
  4. All of the above
  5. Three
  6. All of the above
  7. Prior to starting work each day
  8. All of the above
  9. The first three-wheeled, front-end loader was invented by brothers Cyril and Lewis Keller in Rothsay, Minnesota, in 1957. The Kellers built the loader to help a farmer mechanize the process of cleaning turkey manure from his barn.
  10. All of the above
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