Chemical Specification Guide: Fungicides

Updated Jun 15, 2012

Turf diseases are frequently harder to identify than other pest problems; you need to consistently rotate classes of chemicals to ward off resistance; and it’s hard to keep track of the chemical tools you can use to combat turf pathogens. To help, we’ve put together a Chemical Specification Guide to supply you with a reference for controlling turf disease problems.

The first table lists chemicals using the active ingredient (common name) of the fungicide. It specifies the mode of action of the fungicide as either contact or systemic. Contact fungicides generally are applied to the leaf and stem surfaces of turfgrasses and do not move appreciably within the plants. Systemic fungicides are absorbed and translocated within the plant. This chart also defines fungicide group, which is an important factor for avoiding resistance. Using the same fungicide each time to treat a disease will result in reduced efficacy, so you’ll want to rotate the chemicals you use repeatedly. Next, the table identifies the formulations available for each active ingredient (liquid or granular, for example). They also tell you if the product is labeled for ornamental use, as well. Lastly, the table specifies which diseases you can control with each active ingredient, and designates with a “P” or “C” whether you can use the fungicide for preventive or curative treatments, or both.

The third table helps you find the brand names and suppliers for each active ingredient listed in the main table. You’ll notice that in most instances, several companies supply individual products within each active ingredient category. On the final page, we’ve provided contact information for all the manufacturers and suppliers listed within the charts.

Remember, these specification tables are only for reference. They are not a recommendation for use, nor are they a substitution for application instructions. As always, consult the product label and follow all label instructions.

To view a pdf of the guide, click here.

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