Albion PA — When Stone Industries, Inc. began shopping for a new lowboy trailer, they knew that versatility would be the main criteria in their decision.  Our business is multifunctional,” explained John Ciampo, of Stone Industries, We manufacture crushed stone, sand and asphalt.  We accept concrete and asphalt for recycling, and operate a Supply Center for decorative stone, landscaping and masonry needs. Stone Industries also has three milling machines which are available for road reclamation projects.”                     

          We were impressed with the versatility and dependability of the 60-ton Rogers® trailer we had purchased previously so we approached C.C. and F.F. Keesler, our local Rogers dealer.  They were invaluable in helping us design our new custom trailer.  They then took the design to Rogers Brothers, who manufactured our 55-ton capacity, detachable gooseneck trailer with front folding ramps, removable wheel pockets and center boards, air ride suspension, and auxiliary battery power so that the lights and safety lights function when disconnected from the tractor .” 

          This trailer has exceeded our expectations and is saving us money in ways we hadn™t even expected,” Ciampo reports.  We™re able to haul many different pieces of heavy equipment, including Caterpillar® rubber-tire loaders and excavators, a Grove rough terrain crane, a Komatsu PC400 with hammer, a CMI milling machine, an Ingersoll-Rand rock drill, a D400 dirt truck, and various small pieces of equipment.  In the past, we had to hire-out some of this hauling work.” 

          The Rogers trailer enables us to haul our excavator without breaking it down, while still staying within the legal height limits, saving us both time and money,” Ciampo explained.  The tires are bigger than we™ve had on previous trailers, which helps prevent damage to the wheels if we happen to hit a curb on a tight city street”.  We also save more than a gallon of diesel fuel, per mile traveled, because the trailer is lighter and twenty inches shorter than our previous trailer.  There™s no doubt that when we chose a Rogers trailer, we made the right decision!”                     

          Rogers . . . The Ultimate in Trailers Since 1905.  For more information, contact Rogers Brothers Corporation, 100 Orchard Street, Albion, PA 16401.  Phone: 800.441.9880.  Fax: 814.756.4830.  Web Site:

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