Large deck all-electric rough terrain scissor lift series announced MEC

Three new all-electric rough terrain scissor lifts are being introduced by MEC Aerial Work Platforms. The scissor lift series includes working heights up to 47″ and gradeability up to 40%. The all-electric “91 Series” includes three models: 2591ES, 3391ES, and the 4191ES.

MEC originally released its mid-sized all-electric rough terrain 72ES for the European market where “Green” machines are gaining popularity. The theory behind the series was to address the age-old issue from customers of, “We need to have a machine that is first-on and last-off the jobsite.” When equipped with non-marking RT tires, electric RT lifts have better longevity on each job site.

Now construction sites around the world are looking for more solutions to the emissions issue, coupled with the popularity of the 72ES series, MEC has expanded its line of all-electric rough terrain scissors to include the 91 Series.

The all-electric RT series is not only job-versatile and eco-friendly, but is often FREE TO CHARGE UP for the end users. Electricity is usually provided for free on job sites, saving the end user from the high cost of fuel to run their lifts. End users charge up their MEC electric rough terrain units using free power supplied by their general contractor. This is a substantial savings for sub-contractors in fossil fuel costs.

The 91ES Series is powered by eight 6V 375 amp hour batteries. Highlights of this new electric scissor lift series include being drivable at full height, fast cycle speeds for lift and drive, fully proportional lift controls, rear oscillating and an optional 4wd Quad-Trax drive system.

Jim Tolle, President of MEC Aerial Platform Sales, said “Due to the popularity of our mid-size “72ES” Series all-electric 4wd rough terrain scissor lifts, we are now producing a LARGE DECK all-electric 4wd scissor lift series. Our beta-units have been dilligently working on rough terrain jobsites, climbing over dirt piles, through mud puddles, over mounds of silt and sand, proving to be super work-horses.”

The first production units of the 91ES Series roll off the assemble line this month [Dec.08]. To view a sneak-peek video of a 91ES in action, go to the bottom of this webpage and look for the video link: The 91ES product brochure is also online: Brochure.pdf.

Optional items on the electric rough terrain units include: Auto-leveling outriggers, Quad-Trax 4wd, non-marking tires, turf tires, removable upper control box, platform swing gate, platform work lights, all motion alarm, flashing beacon, automotive horn, air line to platform, and lanyard attachments. 72ES and 91ES units are available in US (ANSI), Canadian (CSA), and European (CE) configurations.

These new models are part of the new Innovations Plan from MEC. Tolle said, “We”re working to solve lifting needs in unique ways with high-quality machinery, to help our customers become more profitable, and to help end users do their jobs easier and quicker.”

MEC is also gearing up for several other new model introductions in 2009.


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