Developed to increase onsite productivity for contractors in Europe, the Terex Power Swivel PS2000, PS3000, PS3500H and PS4000H site dumpers, used for several years on European construction sites, are now available in North America.


If you need to move 20 yards of material, says Terex Product Manager Ernie Ferguson, it would take many man hours of loading and unloading ” versus one worker on a Terex site dumper doing the job.


All the power swivel site dumper models possess four-wheel drive, articulated steering capabilities, making it a cost-effective solution for moving material around jobsites more efficiently. And these units offer increased versatility ” allowing loads to be rotated 180 degrees from side to side and tipped to accurately place a load.


From cramped construction sites and rough terrain to landscaping, golf course, nursery and cemetery applications, the new Terex Power Swivel site dumpers are designed to give the operator exceptional visibility for moving any material ” dirt, clay, sand, stone, concrete, fertilizer and more.


These units are excellent to use on turf, such as golf courses, Ferguson says. Due to their high ground clearance capability and flotation tires; these units don™t tear the turf.


The Terex Power Swivel site dumpers are specially designed to help contractors move material more efficiently and cost effectively around jobsites. Furthermore, the dumpers can easily be matched with a

variety of other products, such as excavator or backhoe, to maximize jobsite productivity. The strength of the dump body, excellent service access, easy operation and durable versatility provides the operator greater uptime efficiency.


Whether you have a big or small site, you™re a landscaper or construction contractor ” whatever the application ” the power swivel site dumpers will help save man hours on your jobsite, Ferguson adds. Once contractors have tried these site dumpers, they don™t know how they lived without them.


Both the PS2000 and PS3000 employ a 3/1 manual transmission. The PS2000 is powered by a Kubota® D1750M, 33 hp (24.5 kW) diesel engine. This unit has a heaped capacity of 2.2 yd3 (1,720 L) and a payload capacity up to 4,409 lbs (2,000 kg). The PS3000 is designed with a heaped capacity of 2.4 yd3 (1,870 L) and a payload capacity of 6,615 lbs (3,000 kg). The Kubota V2203 diesel engine on the PS3000 is rated at 43 hp (32.4 kW).


The PS3500H and PS4000H both are designed with 2/2 hydrostatic transmission and permanent 4-wheel drive. The PS3500H can handle a heaped capacity of 2.4 yd3 (1,870 L) and a maximum payload capacity of 7,716 lbs (3,500 kg). The PS4000H has the capability to haul a maximum payload of 8,818 lbs (4,000 kg) with a heaped capacity of 3.3 yd3 (2,500 L). A Kubota V2203 43.2 hp (32.4 kW) diesel engine powers both units. All the power swivel models meet Tier 2 emission requirements.


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