Terex takes portable lighting in new directions with the introduction of its newest light tower, the Terex® AL8000 HT. With 28 ft of vertical height, 20 ft of horizontal outreach and 359 degrees of powered-boom rotation, the hydraulic-powered mast on the AL8000 HT offers operators a full-range of motion to position light right where it is needed.


According to David Spears, Terex product manager, the Terex® AL8000 HT Light Tower is designed specifically to meet a market demand for flexible light positioning. The light bar on the AL8000 HT tilts 180 degrees vertically, allowing operators to extend and rotate the mast into multiple operating positions. Each light also pivots in two perpendicular directions ” front-to-back and 360 degrees side-to-side ” to position the light fixtures in a precise direction. In addition, the mast can be hydraulically rotated 359 degrees to point the tower in any direction.


The AL8000 HT is an ideal solution for mining applications where light needs to be directed up and over berms or down into mines, says Spears. The ability to not only position the light bar but also each individual light fixture appeals to large construction, airport, railroad, municipality and government applications as well.


The Terex® AL8000 HT comes standard with four 1,000-watt lights; a 13.6 horsepower Kubota engine, producing 10 kW of electrical power; and a 30-gal (114 L) fuel tank. Operators have the option to upgrade the AL8000 HT to have eight 1,000-watt lights, a 34.5 horsepower Isuzu engine producing 26 kW of electrical power and a 60-gallon (228 L) fuel tank with spill containment.


The optional eight-light configuration gives operators maximum light coverage potential for hard-to-light worksites, says Spears. The more powerful engine option provides operators the flexibility to generate power for tools, equipment and other on-site needs with

single-phase 120- and 240-V receptacles. The standard 30-gallon fuel tank, with 13.6 horsepower engine and four lights, gives operators more than 30 hours of run time. Adding a second fuel tank allows operators to work longer without refilling.


The control panel on the Terex® AL8000 HT is designed with symbolic operator instructions, providing an easy-to-follow road map for operating the lights and the tower. A convenient auto-start feature is optional on the AL8000 HT. The auto-start feature allows operators to set up the unit to start and stop at predetermined times, or with an ambient light-sensing photo cell so the Terex® AL8000 HT can light up the worksite and be ready to go when workers arrive.  


The Terex® AL8000 HT Light Tower is distributed by Genie Industries.


About Genie

Headquartered in Redmond, Wash., with branch offices worldwide, Genie Industries manufactures material lifts, aerial work platforms, trailer-mounted booms and light towers, scissor lifts, self-propelled telescopic and articulating booms and telehandlers. For more information, please visit https://www.genielift.com/en.


Genie Industries, Inc. is a subsidiary of Terex Corporation (NYSE: TEX), a diversified global manufacturer based in Westport, Conn. For more information on TEREX, please visit https://www.terex.com/.


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