ATLAS II Military Telehandlers

The newest in the JLG line of military telehandlers, the ATLAS II is designed with more versatility and improved load-handling capabilities. With superior reach, the ATLAS II is built to reach into trucks or shipping containers, lift loads over obstacles, and pick up loads from both above and below grade. Loads of up to 10,000 pounds can be lifted as high as 17 feet. With its four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, frame leveling, and plenty of horsepower, the ATLAS II is made to go through uneven, rugged terrain, including snow, mud, sand, and water.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover