LeeBoy Introduces Maximizer III Asphalt Distributor at CONEXPO

LINCOLNTON, N.C. VT LeeBoy, Inc. introduced its Maximizer III Asphalt Distributor at CONEXPO featuring advanced CAN Bus control design, the EZ-Spray extendible spraybar and GPS control of spray functions.


The EZ Spray System incorporates a hydraulically-controlled, continuously-variable spray bar — the first asphalt distributor on the market to offer this feature. With the Maximizer III, the spraybar can be drawn in or out during operation from 8 foot to up to 16 foot to easily address obstacles on the job. Ideal when encountering bridges, corners, guard rails or ramps, this system allows the operator to maintain a straight and steady course while the spray bar is adjusted from within the cab. Most asphalt distributor™s spray bar sections must be manually folded down to provide additional spray area and manually folded up to accommodate obstacles — and they also only offer one-foot incremental control.


To further simplify operation, the Maximizer III includes the upgraded EZ-III cab control system. Including the EZ Spray System controls with digital readout screen, the EZ-III cab control has been ergonomically designed to maximize operator comfort and efficiency. All spray options are fully operable from within the cab.


For simple clean-up and maintenance, LeeBoy asphalt distributors feature a Viking 400 GPM asphalt pump and include a self-flushing system. Requiring as little as three quarters of fuel oil per cleaning, the distributors self-flushing system clears out the pump, piping and spray system without requiring the operator to manually apply solvent. Saving both time and money, LeeBoy additionally offers the optional Enviro-Flush automatic cleanout system. This re-uses the solvent to provide the most cost-effective method of cleaning an asphalt distributor, while simplifying compliance with EPA regulations.


To ensure precision asphalt delivery, LeeBoy asphalt distributors come standard with computer-controlled application. This matches the pump output to the distributor speed by incorporating GPS feedback for spray calculations and application control. The operator enters the desired application rate and it is automatically maintained, regardless of vehicle speed, bar width or transmission gear changes. This eliminates the need for manual calculations or dry runs to calibrate the application. A cab-mounted monitor simultaneously displays such information as application rate, gallons per minute, spray-bar width and feet per minute to provide the operator with all pertinent information.


Updated rear operator™s controls include touchpad control of newly automated Enviro-Flush cleanout system and the automated diesel cleanout system. Also controlled using the touch pad are spraybar raise and lower, right and left wing extend and retract and washdown.


Maximizer III tanks come in sizes from 1,000 gallons to 4,000 gallons that meet all applicable Federal DOT regulations. Tank features include a full-length, continuous-welded sill, 10-gauge steel shell and surge plates, seven-gauge steel head construction.



VT LeeBoy Maximizer III asphalt distributor:

  • 8- to 16-foot extendible spraybar with safety breakaway

  • In-cab and rear operator controls

  • Internal spraybar valves

  • 400 GPM Viking asphalt pump

  • Full circulation spraybar

  • Enviro-Flush automatic cleanout system

  • GPS system controls feedback for spray calculations

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