AP-650B Asphalt Paver

The AP-650B is an intermediate sized paver that is well suited to highways, city streets, county roads, lane additions, industrial sites, parking lots, overlays and other production-sized paving jobs. Also, it is effective on new construction projects because of its track undercarriage. The steel track undercarriage uses field-proven Cat D3 Track-type Tractor technology. This method of propulsion offers advantages when operating on unstable bases or on steep grades. Excellent tractive effort, low ground pressure and enhanced flotation are some of the advantages. The AP650B is suited to all geographic regions that favor track pavers. Typical characteristics of these areas include sandy, loose soil; sub-base or base materials that do not permit good traction by wheel pavers; and areas with significant grades. In addition, the versatility of the AP-650B allows it to work on a wide-width highway job one day and a confined parking lot the next.


Units:  US

Engine Model

Cat® 3054C

Cat® 3054C

Gross Power

130 hp

97 kW

Net Power (EEC 80/1269)

125 hp

93 kW

Net Power (ISO 9249)

125 hp

93 kW

Net Power (SAE J1349)

124 hp

92 kW


4.12 in

105 mm


5 in

127 mm


269 in3

4.4 L


Tractor Weight

30655 lb

13917 kg

Operating Weight (with Extend-A-Mat 8-16B Screed

37455 lb

17005 kg

Operating Weight (with AS2251 Screed)

37725 lb

17127 kg

Operating Specifications

Standard Paving Width

8 ft

2440 mm

Paving Width Minimum

6 ft

1830 mm

Paving Width Maximum

20 ft

6100 mm

Drive System

Maximum Paving Speed

220 ft/min

67 m/min

Maximum Travel Speed

5 mph

8 km/h

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity

49 gal

185 L

Hydraulic Oil Tank

45 gal

170 L

Cooling System

5 gal

18 L


Hopper Capacity

177 ft3

5 m3

Truck Entry Width

10.42 ft

3180 mm

Truck Dump Height

2.08 ft

632 mm


Length with push roller & Extend-a-Mat B Screed

20 ft

6100 mm

Length with push roller & AS2251 Screed

19.5 ft

5940 mm

Length with truck hitch & Extend-A-Mat B Screed

21.58 ft

6580 mm

Length with truck hitch & AS2251 Screed

21.08 ft

6430 mm

Operating Width with Extend-A-Mat B Screed

10.75 ft

3270 mm

Operating width with Pavemaster B Screed

10.75 ft

3269 mm

Overall height

10.83 ft

3300 mm

Transport width (hoppers raised) with end gates with Extend-A-Mat B Screed

8.92 ft

2720 mm

Transport width (hoppers raised) with out end gates with Extend-A-Mat B Screed

8.17 ft

2490 mm

Transport height (muffler removed)

8.58 ft

2620 mm

Inside Turning Radius

3 ft

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