Volvo Tracked Paver PF4410

Volvo Construction Equipment is different. It”s designed, built and supported in a different way. That difference comes from an engineering heritage of over 175 years. A heritage of thinking first about the people who actually use the machines. About how to help them be safer, more comfortable, more productive. About the environment we all share. The result of that thinking is a growing range of machines and a global support network dedicated to helping you do more. People around the world are proud to use Volvo. And we”re proud of  what makes volo different-More care. Built in.

A productive paver for every application

The Volvo PF4410 is a track-mounted, mid-sized paver/finisher capable of placing bituminous base, binder, and safer course mixes, cement- or limestabilized sub-base, and graded aggregate materials. New standard features equipment choices and options offer superior quality control, increased productivity and even greater reliability- all while greatly reducing required maintenance time and cost compared to competitive machines and prvious models.

Performance Features

– Continuous, flexible, Hi-Speed, EzRider, rubber track provides the traction and flotation of a track machine with the mobility and rideability of a wheeled machine.

– Positive cog / socket track drive eliminates potential power loss associated with friction drive slippage

– Hydraulic power tunnels and baffles (chain curtains) assist the operator in maintaining an even head of material in front of the screed and quickly accomadates paving widths to 3,7 m (12″) without additional components

– Maintenance-free sealed auger and conveyor bearings eliminate daily greasing

– Durable, rounded configuration of hopper enhances the flow of HMA and makes cleanup quick and easy

– High-efficiency 406 mm (16″) augers are 19 mm (0.75″) thick for better delivery and longer wear; patented power-adjustable height of 114,3 mm to 266,7 mm (4.5″ -10.5″) permits the operator to quickly adapt to varying job requirements

– Pinned engine hoods and removable deck plates provide convenient access to vital components; filters are easily accessible and a common-platform electrical system is utilized

Available Options

¢ Additional operator™s umbrella

¢ Auger and auger guard extension kits

¢ Blaw-Kontrol® II

Mechanical grade sensor

Mobile reference systems

Ultra IV® Sonic averaging system

UltraEye® V Ultrasonic grade sensor

¢ Engine shutdown kit

¢ Generator set

¢ Light beacon and worklights

¢ Material indicator kit

¢ Material management kit

¢ Truck hitch

Additional Features

– Hydrostatic direct traction drive eliminates approximately 70% of mechanical drivetrain components

– Easy access electrical circuit boards ensure that service procedures are quick and easy

– Counter-rotating tracks provide superior tight-quartered maneuverability

– Central hydraulic valve block with interchangeable cartridge valves simplifies troubleshooting

– Unitized rear-feed section speeds service access to all major feeder system components by approximately 50%

– The most extensive selection of state-of-the-art equipment options automate and improve the quality of your HMA paving operation 


Model PF4410

Machine Dimensions

Basic Screed Width m

(ft) 2,44 (8)

Max Paving Width m

(ft) 7,62 (25)

Paving Depth mm

(in) 6,35 203,2 (0.25 8)

Hopper Capacity T

(t) /m3 (cu ft) 7,7 (8.5) / 4,39 (155)

Gauge Width, Center To Center Of Tracks m

(in) 1 937 (76.25)

Length Of Track On Ground m

(in) 2 591 (102)

Track Width m

(in) 355,6 (14)

Travel Height With Exhaust m

(ft) 3,13 (10.27)

Width, Hopper Sides Up m

(ft) 2,50 (8.21)

Width, Hopper Sides Down m

(ft) 3,18 (10.42)

Length, Wedge-Lock Screed m

(ft) 5,24 (17.2)

Length, OmniScreed IA m

(ft) 5,24 (17.2)

Length, UltiMat 16 m

(ft) 5,43 (17.83)


Make / Model Cummins QSB 5.9-30T Tier 2

Rated Power @ Installed Speed kW

(hp) 117,8 (158)

Electrical System 12 volts, negative ground, 130 A alternator


Paving Speed m/min

(fpm) 73,8 (242)

Travel Speed km/h

(mph) 13,7 (8.5)

Suspension Unitized, bolt-on track frames, 6 sets of oscillating bogie wheels


Tractor Only kg

(lb) 13 109 (28,900)

With Wedge-Lock Screed kg

(lb) 14 288 (31,500)

With Wedge-Lock Screed, 2.5/5 Hyd. Extns. kg

(lb) 14 842 (32,720)

With OmniScreed IA kg

(lb) 14 901 (32,850)

With UltiMat 16 kg

(lb) 16 307 (35,950)


Cooling Capacity l

(qt) 25 (26)

Fuel Capacity l

(gal) 144 (38)

Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity l

(gal) 151 (40)

Screed Choices

¢ 2,4 m (8″) Wedge-Lock® screed with optional modular extensions can extend paving widths up to 7,6 m (25″); diesel heat

¢ 2,4 m (8″) Wedge-Lock screed with 2.5/5 hydraulic extensions can extend paving widths up to 4 m (13″); optional modular extensions for the telescoping sections increase maximum paving widths to 4,6 m (15″); diesel heat; hydraulic extensions are not equipped with heat and vibration 

¢ 2,4 m (8″) power extendible OmniScreed® IA with fully screeded, extended paving width of 4 m (13.13″); optional modular Wedge-Lock extensions increase paving width to 5,2m (17.17); diesel-heated

  • 2,4m (8″) power extendible UltiMat® 16 screed with a maximum extended paving width of 4,9 m (16″); optional modular extensions can increase maximum paving width to 5,5 m (18″) 

Equipped with a patented, high-efficiency electric heating system

Screed has 4 heating zones for even distribution

Temperature control automatically maintained by a patented Energy Management System

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