LeeBoy 8515 Asphalt Paver Provides Big Paver Features in a Commercial Class Paver

The LeeBoy 8515 Asphalt Paver continues LeeBoy™s industry leading innovation in commercial asphalt paving products by combining the maneuverability and size of the popular 8500 series paver with big paver enhancements, including the new Legend Electric Screed Heating System option, which reduce operating costs and increase productivity for contractors.


Designed from the ground up, the 8515 features a heavier track assembly and undercarriage with either poly-pad or continuous rubber tracks. The 8515 also features a hydraulically raised hopper bed, allowing the paver undercarriage and tracks to be easily cleaned and serviced.


The powerful 87-hp Kubota diesel engine and two-speed hydrostatic drive allow the LeeBoy 8515 to pave up to 6-inch depths at infinitely variable widths from 8 to 15 feet smoothly and efficiently.


The new Legend Electric Screed Heat System is available as an option, giving paving contractors a choice of propane or electricity as the heating fuel source. The Legend Electric Screed System, powered by an on-board generator, offers the safety benefit of no flame, fuel or fumes from the screed heating process, along with consistent temperature control of the heating elements across the width of the screed plate and screed extensions.

The 7.5-ton asphalt receiving hopper has heavy-duty radius hopper wings for more efficient flow of material using its dual 36 slat feeding conveyors. Material is moved to the beefed up heated and vibrating Legend Screed System with longwearing 12 sonic augers and heavier cutoff plates for clean starts and stops. Hydraulic screed extensions, unique to the LeeBoy Legend Screed System, are mounted in front of the main screed and easily adjustable. Screed enhancements include two 2600 vpm vibratory units and replaceable wear shoes on paver end gates.


Operator convenience and control is enhanced with dual operator stations and the quick-change high deck/low deck configuration, allowing the 8515 to be setup for long pull or tight paving applications. The 8515 is equipped with electric over hydraulic controls, eliminating cables.


LeeBoy 8515 Fast Facts:

·         8- to 15-foot Paving Width

·         Dual Operator Stations

·         Powerful 87 HP Kubota Diesel Engine

·         12 Diameter Sonic Augers

·         Heavy Duty Vibrating, Heated Legend Screed System

·         High Deck/Low Deck Configuration

·         7.5-ton Hopper

·         Heavy Duty Radius Hopper Wings

·         Continuous Rubber Track or Poly Pad Track

·         Electric heat Legend Screed System option


Visit www.leeboy.com for more information.



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