Skid Steer Dozer Blade Press Release

Updated Sep 17, 2010

The 1300 6 way dozer was designed to be used primarily with the 1500 pound and larger skid loader.  The larger loaders are ideally suited with their longer wheelbase and heavier weight. Its primary customer is the contractor that utilizes the loader through the use of attachments to accomplish jobs that would otherwise require bringing other larger pieces of equipment to the job site.  Since its introduction the 1300 dozer has experienced rapid growth as customers have come to realize its potential to save time and money. The dozer has established a high repeat order status, which is an excellent indicator of its performance and acceptance.


 The dozer is ideally suited to move loose material such as, spread fill material, level sand and gravel, back fill around foundations, back fill trenches, create run off trenches, remove rocks, push and pile snow, push and pile silage, build septic tank mounds, back dragging, and use with a laser for precise work.  Equipping the loader with tracks for maximum traction can enhance the dozer performance. When demonstrating keep in mind that loose or mellow ground is best. Dozing in hard ground is possible but not as impressive. You also want to practice dozing before demonstrating as it takes some experience to doze effectively.


 The 7-foot dozer is the most popular width, with the 8-foot increasing in numbers, and the 6-foot stabilizing. As with all attachments, the dozer is being recognized as a very effective performance tool with more customers finding uses for it. As dealers promote the dozer it will become another necessary attachment.

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