Updated Sep 20, 2010
DAVIDSON, N.C. – June 2, 2008 – Tramac introduces its newest light-range breaker, the SC-42, into the SC-Series line of hydraulic hammers. The SC-42 expands the SC-Series to a total of eight breakers to fit carriers from 2,200 to 30,900 pounds (1-14 metric tone), sufficiently satisfying the needs and requirements of the skid steer, backhoe loader, and mini and mid-size excavator markets. 

The SC-42 is for carriers from 11,000 to 26,500 pounds (5 to 12 metric tons) and has an operating weight of 967 pounds (438 kilograms). With an operating pressure of 1,812 pounds per square inch (125 bar), the SC-42 has a flow range of 14.5 to 26.4 gallons per minute (55 to 100 liters per minute). This hydraulic breaker is rated at an impact energy class of 1,250 foot pounds and has an impact frequency range of 550 to 1,450 blows per minute. The tool diameter is 3.31 inches (84 millimeters).


The SC-42 includes many of the SC-Series features that make this line of breakers an ideal tool for any contractor. Among these features is an automatic pressure regulator that ensures that the breaker operates at maximum performance on all carriers, regardless of flow variations. Upper and lower shock absorbers isolate the breaker from the carriage, reducing noise and vibrations transferred to the carrier and the operator. The SC-42 also has an energy chamber which features a diaphragm design that holds its charge without requiring regular nitrogen refills. This results in constant impact energy on the work site. 

As with all SC-Series breakers, maintenance is easy with the SC-42 because it has fewer moving parts than competitive breakers and no tie rods to remove. If needed, the breaker can quickly be disassembled without special tools, reducing maintenance time and cost. The SC-42 features an internally mounted retaining pin clip that makes tool change-out quick and easy and reduces clip fatigue. The wear items are field-replaceable so the SC-42 can function with less downtime.

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