Updated Sep 20, 2010
DAVIDSON, N.C. – June 2, 2008 – Tramac has released the V2500 into its line of heavy-range hydraulic breakers. The V2500 includes the features that contractors have come to trust and new, innovative upgrades, making this an ideal breaker for demolition, excavation, rock breaking and trenching.  
The V2500 is for carriers from 59,500 to 88,200 pounds (27 to 40 metric tons) and has an operating weight of 5,555 pounds (2520 kilograms). With an operating pressure of 2,248 pounds per square inch (155 bar), the V2500 has a flow range of 46 to 66 gallons per minute (175 to 250 liters per minute). This hydraulic breaker is rated at an impact energy class of 8,000 foot-pounds and has an impact frequency range of 300 to 500 blows per minute. Several new features have been incorporated into the V2500 design. A one-piece bushing is among the new features and a large tool diameter of 6.3 inches (160 millimeters). The principal wear parts, including the bushing, are field-replaceable without dismounting the breaker from the carrier or removing any tie rods.


Up to 2.5 gallons per minute (9.5 liters per minute) can be diverted through the integrated flow control to protect the breaker from carrier overflow. A high back pressure tolerance of 363 pounds per square inch (25 bar) allows the V2500 to be easily installed on a wide range of carriers. As with all Tramac heavy-range breakers, the V2500 maximizes productivity and reduces the transfer of potentially damaging energy back to the carrier with variable-speed breaker technology. 
This technology senses changes in material hardness and automatically adjsuts the breaker to the optimal combination of impact energy and striking rate. Additionally, an energy recovery system recoil energy and adds it to the next blow. Maintenance for the Tramac heavy-range breaker line is minimal due to a blank fire protection feature that prevents metal-to-metal contact that can damage a hammer. The heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant cradle also protects the hammer and its internal components from damage and excessive wear. The cradle is also silenced to reduce noise on the jobsite.

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