Indeco Unveils World’s Largest Breaker

Updated Sep 20, 2010

Las Vegas, NV – Indeco North America announced today that their powerful line of HP (High Performance) Series breakers has expanded. Indeco’s new HP 25000 breaker, the largest hydraulic breaker in the world, brings sheer power and performance to extremely large-scale rock breaking applications.   


At 10 feet, 10 inches tall, the HP 25000 has an operating weight of 24,370 lbs and an MBMB ft/lb class rating of 25000.  It can handle tools with diameters over 10 inches, giving it a breaking ability that far exceeds any other hydraulic hammer on the market.   


Designed to fit large, mobile machines, the HP 25000 fits excavators weighing from 135,000-330,000 lbs. It offers a hydraulic flow of 110-137 gpm and up to 3360 psi to provide high impact strikes ranging from 240-460 blows per minute. Realizing the extreme application and mechanical stresses that a breaker this size may endure, Indeco engineers designed it with a reinforced housing for added durability on jobsites.


The MES 25000 is hydraulically efficient, as are all Indeco HP Series Breakers. Their industry-leading intelligent variable speed and power system senses the hardness of the material being broken and automatically adjusts the force per blow.  Efficiency was also considered on another level.  The mounting bracket of the breaker is compatible with Indeco’s HP 16000, enabling the same carrier to accept two distinct breakers with minimal downtime.  The two breakers can be quickly interchanged based on the job at hand. 


Other features of the MES 25000 include a slim line design for optimal maneuverability and greater operator visibility and a Collateral Damage Prevention System (CDPS), which sends a signal to the operator when the breaker is operating in anything but optimal conditions, warning them to stop before damage occurs.  


Indeco is a worldwide leader in breaker technology and has gained recognition because of the power, reliability, performance and durability of their products.  Indeco manufactures a wide range of attachments that are compatible for use with most mini-excavators, skid steers, backhoes and excavators available to the North American construction market.  They offer a complete line of heavy-duty breakers, pulverizers, plate compactors and grapples.



For more information on Indeco visit, call 1-800-5-HAMMER.

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