Stanley Large Mounted Breaker Line

Updated Sep 20, 2010

 Stanley EXS Stealth Mounted Breakers are available in a selection of models ranging from 1500 to 12000 foot pounds of impact energy.  These hydraulic-powered breakers feature many innovative design elements including:  noise suppression features, a narrower profile, enclosed housing, armored lower end and lighter weight making Stanley breakers, pound for pound, the hardest hitting breakers in their class.  Stanley’s EXS Stealth Series Breakers are ideal for construction, demolition and quarry applications. 

Eight Models Available: 

Model       Impact (ft/lbs)  Blows per Minute    Hydraulic Flow (gpm)   Carrier Weight Recommended (lbs.)  

MB15EXS       1500              360-800             15-25                10,000 26,000

MB20EXS       1500              360-800             15-25                10,000 25,000

MB30EXS        2000             500-700              20-30                18,000 35,000

MB40EXS        3000             400-600              24-35                 30,000 50,000

MB50EXS        5000             400-500              32-45                 41,000 65,000

MB60EXS        6000             300-450              37-50                 46,000 68,000

MB70EXS        7500             300-400              45-63                  58,000 85,000

MB80EXS        8500             280-370              51-67                  60,000 100,000

MB100EXS      12000          230-320              55-80                   80,000 130,000


S  Silenced. Noise suppression features make Stanley breakers some of the quietest on the market today.

T  Trimmed. Narrower profile allows the breaker to work closer to the walls of a trench and give better visibility for the operator.

E  Enclosed Housing. The powercell is suspended between bumpers eliminating damaging shocks transmitted to the carrier.

A  Armored Lower End. The housing is double strength at the lower end of the breaker to fully protect the powercell.

L  Lighter Weight. New generation stealth breakers are lighter in weight, allowing use of a lighter, less expensive carrier.

T  Two Moving Parts. Translates into less maintenance, better performance, and significantly less service.

H  Hard Hitting. Stanley breakers, pound for pound, are the hardest hitting breakers in their class.

The EXS Stealth Series of large breakers from Stanley are designed to offer the operators and owners of the breakers longer life for both the breakers and the base machines used to operate the breakers. The powercell is suspended in a system of bumpers and wear plates to prevent damaging shocks from being transmitted to the carrier. The housing is double strength at the lower end of the breaker to stand up the abuse experienced in tough working environments.  Service points are covered with easily removed panels and plugs. Noise suppression features make the new Stanley breakers some of the quietest on the market today.  The narrower profile allows the breaker to work closer to the walls of a trench and gives better visibility to the operator. Stanley backs the EXS Breakers with a one-year, limited warranty. 

Please call Stanley Hydraulic Tools at 800-972-2647 or go to for more information.

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