Wedgelock Buckets

Wedgelock provide a full range of excavator buckets for digging, trenching, cleanup and ditching applications.

Wedgelock Buckets are manufactured to a heavy duty standard with extreme duty models available for larger machines on request. The fitting of shrouds, extra wear plates and bolt-on side cutters are just some of the options offered.

Wedgelock Buckets – Digging and Trenching
Wedgelock Digging and Trenching Buckets vary in size, material composition and width. Wedgelock offer several options on Ground Engaging Tools (GET) to ensure the bucket meets customer requirements.

Features of Wedgelock Buckets – Digging and Trenching:

  • Heavy duty designs as standard, constructed from medium strength and wear resistant materials
  • Multiple Ground Engaging Tool (GET) options including shrouds, wear plates and side cutters
  • Variable widths available to suit applications from narrow trenching to bulk digging
  • Fitted with wear strips and side wear plates as standard
  • Extreme duty designs manufactured on request
  • Suitable for most excavators up to 50.0 Tonne (110,000 Lbs)

The Attachments Idea Book
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