580 Super M Series 2

Updated Oct 5, 2010

The 580 Super M+ offers more flotation, ground clearance, stability and cab room than the 580 Super M.  Large diameter front tires with limited slip front differential increases floatation and traction in soft ground conditions.  Wide stance with 93 inch loader buckets and long stabilizers provide stability in uneven terrain found in road & bridge and utility construction.  Three inch wider cab provides more turn around room when changing from loader to backhoe operating positions. 


580 Super M+ Series 2 Net Engine Power 67 kW
90 hp
Operating Wt. 8,223 kg
Max Dig Depth 4.4 m
Bucket Dig Force 57,031 N
12,821 lb
Dipper Dig Force 36,582 N
8,224 lb
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