Articulation with Innovation

Updated Oct 5, 2010

Multiquip introduces the new Rammax Viper Trench Rollers that features unique innovations including Articulation and Oscillation Joint, patented Straight Compaction Technology (SCT), patented Z-Shape frame designed, Internal Drum Scrapers, exclusive Rammax-designed radiator, and Easy Access Exciter System. 


The Articulation and Oscillation Joint design provides reliable stability on uneven surfaces and easy mobility in challenging areas. The Viper’s patented Straight Compaction Technology (SCT) allows the exciter system to supply equal amplitude to all four drums instead of two and its patented Z-Shape Frame Design offset drums configuration ensures effective compaction on every square inch of ground that it rolls over.  


Its Internal Drum Scrapers feature eliminates material build-up inside the drums, allowing them to turn freely even in the toughest conditions. To maximize efficiency the Viper is equipped with Dual Infrared Receiver Eyes position to eliminate blind spots and ensure uninterrupted signals. To reduce down-time and cost of ownership the patented Easy Access Exciter System allow fast and efficient repair and maintenance.  


Powered by a Lombardini engine the Viper delivers 2,460 vpm and reaches centrifugal forces up to 15,543 lbs. Standard features include a Rammax- designed radiator exclusively made to maintain low water temperatures when heat is at its peak and a Two Steering System in the RX1510CI model. This model comes with both infrared Remote and a Cabled Remote. (The RX1501C comes with Cabled Remote only.) 


Multiquip Inc. is a leading supplier of compaction equipment, concrete and masonry cutting, placing and finishing products, power generation equipment, dewatering pumps, lighting solutions, and other construction equipment . World headquarters are located at 18910 Wilmington Ave., Carson, California, USA 90746. For more information, call 800/421-1244 or visit

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