CONTOUR Packer / Roller

Updated Oct 6, 2010

100% Road Compaction is achieved through the unique design of the contour saddles and walking beam, which enables each tire to follow the contour of the road.

By combining the graders weight and the down pressure of the ripper/lift assembly option, this machine ensures evenly packed road surfaces.

The packer offset is bolted into place on the main 6″x10″ mainframe. The slide assembly is lined with lubricant impregnating nylon bearing plates. Our top mounted hydraulic cylinder can be positioned either end of the packer frame to enable you to offset 24″ from either side of the packer / roller. The cylinder is mounted on the top of the main frame to avoid dust and debris thrown up from the grader tires to the front of the frame. The packer offset is manufactured out of 1″ plate due to the extreme pressure it is placed under when in working position. The packer offset comes with a standard 3-year warranty.

1″ thick plate goes into the design of our heavy duty lift assembly. As with all the Handy Hitch equipment, it has been put through some of the most rigorous testing and is designed to be virtually industructable. The lift assembly is backed with an above industry standard 3 year warranty. Everything you need to attach the Handy Hitch Packer Roller to your grader (if it is not equipped with a rear-mounted ripper); mounting bolts, lift cylinder, and hoses to the rear of the machine, are included with the lift assembly.

The hydraulic accumulator mounts directly on the ripper cylinder or lift assembly cylinder to give the operator precise control or down pressure when compacting the road surface. Accumulators come as standard equipment on the whole range of packer/rollers. You stand a very serious risk of lifting the grader clear off the ground and losing stability without the safety of an accumulator. We design, engineer and rigorously test all our equipment to make sure the operator is safe at all times.

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