Volvo SD116 Vibratory Soil Compactors Meet Customer Needs

Updated Oct 6, 2010

The SD116DX and SD116F have high-torque, drum and axle drive motors, the Ultra-Grade® traction system and a six-cylinder, 155-horsepower (115.6-kilowatt) engine. Industry-leading amplitude coupled with five frequency settings, exclusive to Volvo, provides increased compaction depth and versatility on various soil conditions. 

Both SD116 compactors feature two drum configuration options. The SD116DX smooth drum model, with an operating weight of 23,930 pounds (10852 kilograms), is ideal for compacting granular soils. The SD116F padfoot model, designed for compacting cohesive-type materials, weighs 25,050 pounds (11360 kilograms). Both machines have an 84-inch (2134-millimeter) rolling width. 

The design of the SD116 focuses on increasing industry standards for greater performance, enhanced serviceability and operator comfort. The SD116DX compactor can easily be converted from a smooth drum to a padfoot drum machine by utilizing the patented Volvo two-piece, clamp-on, padfoot shell kit. This optional kit offers contractors versatility on cohesive and non-cohesive materials with one machine. 

The SD116 machines are engineered to increase compaction production with a high centrifugal force – 61,000 pounds (271 kilonewtons). The SD116DX smooth drum model reaches nominal amplitude of 0.076 inches (1.92 millimeters); the SD116F padfoot model reaches 0.087 inches (2.21 millimeters).

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