Volvo Large Soil Compactors Combine Efficiency with Ease of Operation

Updated Oct 6, 2010

These Volvo large soil compactors all offer compaction widths of 66 inches (1676 millimeters). Smooth drum models have operating weights of 15,750 pounds (7143 kilograms) on the SD70D, and 16,350 pounds (7415 kilograms) on the S77DX. The SD77F padfoot model weighs 17,780 pounds (8063 kilograms) and compacts cohesive type materials. 


The drums on the SD77DX and the SD77F offer five different frequency settings that range from 1,850 to 2,025 vibrations per minute (30.8 to 33.8 hertz). The SD70D employs a dual-frequency setting, but the five frequency settings are available as an option. 


A 99-horsepower (73.8-kilowatt), four-cylinder, turbocharged Cummins diesel engine powers the SD70D, SD77DX and SD77F compactors. The SD77DA is powered by 95-horsepower (70.8 kilowatt) Cummins engine. The Ultra-Grade® full-time traction system gives the compactors the ability to maneuver in the toughest soil conditions. 


The SD77DA is the marriage of proven technologies from the soil and asphalt lines. This model includes dual frequency with eight amplitude settings. It also features a pressurized water system with dual pumps, hand-serviceable nozzles and a three-stage filtration system. 


The SD77DX and the SD70D compactors are easily converted from smooth drums to padfoot drums utilizing the patented Volvo two-piece, clamp-on, padfoot shell kit so contractors can handle all types of terrain. A strike-off blade option is available for the SD77F. 


Volvo models are easier to service, and have reduced maintenance time and costs. Design enhancements include a tilting operator platform for accessing hydraulic components, remote-mounted and centrally located hydraulic test ports and hydraulic filters, a one-piece engine cover and a rear-mounted cooling system for easy access and cleaning. 


Safety enhancements on all soil compactors include a new body design that allows for ONE METER BY ONE METER visibility – operators can see an object one meter in height and one meter away from the edge of the machine. Additional safety features include front and rear, spring-applied, hydraulically released brakes, ROPS / FOPS with seat belts and back-up alarms.

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