Volvo SD200 Soil Compactors Meet Density on Demanding Projects

Updated Oct 6, 2010

Volvo SD200 soil compactors have many performance features to tackle the most demanding projects. From construction of earth- or rock-filled dams to concrete rubblization, major highway construction or landfills, both the SD200DX and the SD200F achieve required density with fewest passes. 


The SD200DX generates 82,800 pounds (368 kiloNewtons) of centrifugal force. Five frequency settings, with 1,850 vibrations per minute (30.8 hertz), give the operator the ability to closely match the resonant frequency of the material being compacted to maximize performance. The vibrating drum has a maximum nominal amplitude of 0.069 inches (1.76 millimeters). Its smooth vibrating drum makes it the right choice for compaction of granular soils.


The SD200F generates 80,800 pounds (359 kiloNewtons) of centrifugal force. It also has five frequency settings with 1,850 vibrations per minute (30.8 hertz). With 136 pad feet, the SD200F can tackle rougher soil.  


A Cummins turbocharged and charge air-cooled, six-cylinder engine powers both the SD200DX and SD200F and produces 205 horsepower (152.9 kilowatt) at its installed speed. The hydrostatic propulsion system consists of a two-speed, motor-driven planetary axle with a No-Spin® differential and a two-speed motor on a planetary gear box driving the drum. The unique Volvo Ultra-Grade® full-time traction control system provides these compactors with excellent traction and gradeability even on the toughest soil conditions.


Standard operator-friendly enhancements include a premium shock-mounted deck; a six-way adjustable swivel seat; tilting steering column; propulsion lever location within the zone of comfort and reach; cup holder and reduced noise level. For operating safety, Volvo provides visibility for the seated operator to ONE METER BY ONE METER over both the front and rear of the unit.


To enhance operator comfort an optional enclosed cab is available. This operator environment is spacious and has tinted window glass that is curved in the front and the back to reduce glare and to prevent external noise transmission into the cab enclosure. Windows on both sides of the cab open independently. The cab comes with a heater, and air conditioning is optional. A mirror inside the cab and mirrors on the right and left sides of the enclosure improve visibility. Additional accessories include a sun visor, defrost fan, windshield wipers, an interior dome light and exterior work lights. This enclosed operator environment also provides ROPS / FOPS protection. The enclosed cab is available only as a factory-installed option. 


Volvo has incorporated a number of maintenance features into the SD200 soil compactors. All service points on the machine are accessible from the ground. The engine hood is a single-piece composite structure, hinged at the rear for easy access. The hood design makes it easy to perform daily maintenance tasks and provides unobstructed access to the engine area. The operator deck tilts forward for complete access to all of the compactor’s hydraulic components.

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