CB-434D Vibratory Asphalt Compactor

Updated Oct 6, 2010

The CB-434D Asphalt Compactor offers compaction performance, application versatility and operator comfort to maximize productivity while providing exceptional product quality. Based upon the industry-proven reputation of the Caterpillar Asphalt Compactors, the CB-434D establishes innovative new standards for productivity and reliability in the asphalt compaction industry. Durable Cat powertrain, field-proven hydraulic systems and vibratory systems, and the world’s largest and most dedicated dealer support system ensures that the CB-434D Asphalt Compactor will provide maximum productivity.


Units:  US 

Engine Model 

Cat® 3054C 

Cat® 3054C 

Gross Power 

83 hp 

62 kW 

Net Power – EEC 80/1260 

78 hp 

59 kW 

Net Power – ISO 9249 

78 hp 

59 kW 


4.12 in 

105 mm 


5 in 

127 mm 

Net Power – SAEJ1349 (JUN 95) 

78 hp 

58 kW 



Operating Weight with ROPS/FOPS 

16535 lb 

7500 kg 

Operating Weight at Rear Drum with ROPS/FOPS 

8140 lb 

3700 kg 

Operating Weight at Front Drum with ROPS/FOPS 

8140 lb 

3700 kg 

Operating Weight without ROPS/FOPS 

15765 lb 

7150 kg 

Shipping Weight with ROPS/FOPS 

14595 lb 

6620 kg 

Shipping Weight without ROPS/FOPS 

13823 lb 

6270 kg 

Service Refill Capacities 


Fuel Tank Capacity 

35 gal 

132 L 

Water (Spray) Tank Capacity 

211 gal 

800 L 

Operating Specifications 


Curb Clearance 

28 in 

720 mm 

Turning Radius Outside Drum Edge 

197 in 

5000 mm 

Turning Radius Inside Drum Edge 

138 in 

3500 mm 

Ground Clearance 

10 in 

255 mm 

Travel Speed Max 

7 mph 

11.6 km/h 

Vibratory System 


Drum Width 

59 in 

1500 mm 

Drum Diameter 

51 in 

1300 mm 


3200 vpm 

53 Hz 

Nominal Amplitude – High 

.027 in 

.69 mm 

Nominal Amplitude – Low 

.01 in 

.25 mm 

Centrifugal Force Maximum 

17310 lb 

77 kN 

Centrifugal Force Minimum 

6525 lb 

29 kN 

Vibration Selection 

Independent per drum, front only, rear only, both 

Independent per drum, front only, rear only, both 

Eccentric Weight Drive 

Hydraulic direct, auto reversing 

Hydraulic direct, auto reversing 



Overall Length 

165 in 

4200 mm 


122 in 

3100 mm 

Height at Steering Wheel 

89 in 

2260 mm 

Height with ROPS/FOPS 

119 in 

3010 mm 

Compaction Width 

59 in 

1500 mm 

Overall Width 

66 in 

1670 mm 

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