A Clean Sweep

Updated Oct 7, 2010

When your town or city wakes up in the morning and gets to the business of the day, make sure citizens are greeted by clean roadways that get them where they need to go, clean and safe with United Rotary brush for quality-built tube brooms, strip brooms, gutterbrooms, and poly and/or wire wafers. 


Tube Brooms

The all-time sweeping classic for street sweeping brush applications. Compare our filament weight with the cheaper brooms, and you’ll see why United Rotary Brush Tube Brooms are the right choice. 

  • Compatible with the most popular street sweepers on the road today
  • Better flick action for thorough debris collection
  • Made with United Rotary Brush’s own virgin polypropylene filament
  • More sweeping ends per square inch of broom face
  • Tight and consistent broom wraps for impressive sweeping results


Blue Steel Gutterbrooms

Get tough on troublesome debris with Blue Steel Gutterbrooms. 

  • Proven, powerful performance
  • Superior quality at superior price
  • Easy on the environment
  • Compatible with the most popular street sweepers and vacuum sweepers
  • Available in gutterbroom block segments or sets



The UnitedPro Strip Broom strips slide in and out of your core with ease. Change your main broom without removing the core. What used to take two men and too much time only takes one pair of hands and 15 minutes. 

  • Mandrel designed to sweep debris to the center of sweeping path for impressive results
  • 100% poly plastic back strips
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly

Street Sweeper Brushes Catalog Information: 

Tube Brooms

Allianz MS/MT 350 21-083658MOPVD 58″
Athey Mobil 21-083658MOP 58″
Elgin Broom Bear 21-083658MOP 58″
Elgin Eagle 21-083660EAP 60″
Elgin Pelican 21-083666ELP 66″
Elgin Road Wizard 21-083660EAP 60″
Johnston 3000/4000 21-053256VNP 56.5″
Schwarze M5000 21-083658MOP 58″
Schwarze M6000 21-083658MOP 58″
Tennant 830 21-082450TEP 50″
Tennant Centurion 21-083668TEP 68″


Blue Steel Gutterbrooms

Allianz MS/MT 350 41-PATWAP4
Masco 41-PWMAW1626
Athey Mobil 41-PATMOP4
Night Hawk 41-PATWWP2
Elgin Broom Bear 41-PATELP5
Schwarze A4000 41-PATELP4
Elgin Crosswind 41-PATWWP2
Schwarze A7000 41-PATELP5
Elgin Crosswind 41-PATELP4
Schwarze A8000 41-PATELP5
Elgin Eagle 41-PATELP5
Schwarze A9000 41-PATELP5
Elgin GeoVac 41-PATWWP2
Schwarze M5000 41-PATELP5
Elgin Pelican 41-PATELP4
Schwarze M6000 41-PATELP5
Elgin Road Wizard 41-PATELP5
Schwarze 333 41-PATWWP2
Elgin Whirlwind 41-PATWWP2
Schwarze 340 Series 41-PATELP420
Elgin Whirlwind MV 41-PATWWP2
Tennant 830 41-PATTEW1
Johnston 400 41-PATJOW113
Tennant Centurion 41-PATELP5
Johnston 600 41-PATJOW116
Tymco 210 41-PATELP420
Johnston 650 41-PATWWP2
Tymco 435 41-PATELP4
Johnston 3000/4000 41-PATFMP12
Tymco 600 41-PATMOP4
Johnston 3000/4000 41-PATWAP4
Victory Sweeper 41-PATELP420


UnitedPro Strip Brooms

Johnston 3000/4000 20-130565AP 56.5″ 13 27-APC565 N/A
Athey Mobil 20-130580AP 58″ 18 27-APC58 27-AP58
Elgin Broom Bear 20-130580AP 58″ 18 27-APC58 27-AP58
Elgin Eagle 20-130600AP 60″ 18 27-APC60 27-AP60
Elgin Pelican 20-130660AP 66″ 18 27-APC66 27-AP66
Elgin Road Wizard 20-130600AP 60″ 18 27-APC60 27-AP60
Schwarze M5000 20-130580AP 58″ 18 27-APC58 27-AP58
Schwarze M6000 20-130580AP 58″ 18 27-APC58 27-AP58
Athey Mobil 20-120580AP 58″ 21* 27-APC2158 N/A
Elgin Broom Bear 20-120580AP 58″ 21* 27-APC2158 N/A
Elgin Eagle 20-120600AP 60″ 21* 27-APC2160 N/A
Elgin Pelican 20-120660AP 66″ 21* 27-APC2166 N/A
Elgin Road Wizard 20-120600AP 60″ 21* 27-APC2160 N/A
Schwarze M5000 20-130580AP 58″ 21* 27-APC2158 N/A
Schwarze M6000 20-130580AP 58″ 21* 27-APC2158 N/A
Tennant Centurion 20-120680AP 68″ 21* 27-APC2168 N/A

*UnitedPro strips are available in 21 strips per set for heavy-duty sweeping.  

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
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