Automatic Emergency Standby Generators (AE)

Updated Oct 20, 2010

Automatic Emergency Standby Generators (AE)

The Automatic Emergency Standby generators have been engineered and built to meet the emergency power needs of residential and commercial customers. The generator may be operated in manual or automatic mode and all models run on either natural gas or propane (LP). Baldor Automatic Emergency generators offer peace of mind when utility power is not available.



The Automatic Emergency product line has models ranging from 8-25kW. When used with an automatic
transfer switch, these units continuously monitor the electrical current and start up automatically if the utility
power supply is interrupted, and then shut themselves off when utility service is returned.
• Natural Gas/LP units are available.
• Attractive Design – Aesthetically pleasing after installation.
• Fully Automatic System – When connected to an Automatic Transfer Switch.
• Convenient Fuel Source – Runs on your existing fuel supply (NG/LP).
• Weekly Exerciser – Starts and runs unit to check for operation.
• Powder Coat Paint Finish – State-of-the art painting system
ensures long and beautiful enclosure life.
• Dual Side or Open Top Serviceability – Provides ease of maintenance.
• Advanced Noise Technology – Weatherproof enclosure is constructed of heavy gauge steel and has special
sound insulation to reduce operating noise.
• Operational Efficiency – All engines are direct coupled to high efficiency brushless generators for dependable
operation when needed.

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