Generator Mod Express A New Concept in Generator Power

Updated Oct 21, 2010

Now you can buy Baldor GLC (Gaseous Liquid Cooled) or Baldor Towable generators and have several more choices and faster delivery. The modular nature of the generator Mod Express System means you can more or less design your own genset, with the type of enclosure and features you want, and there is considerable field upgrade potential.

Factory Installed Options Include:

  • G1-Install environmental enclosure onto skid mount genset
  • G2-Install engine starting battery into generator set
  • G3-Install battery heater
  • G4-Install battery charger
  • G5-Install radiator duct flange onto skid mount genset
  • G6-Install E-Stop switch into generator enclosure 
  • G7-Modify power connections
  • G8-Convert standard trailer hitch coupling to ball hitch or pintle hitch
  • G9-Change trailer brakes from hydraulic to electric
  • G10-Install engine block heater to standard genset
  • G11-Install electronic governor to standard genset

Baldor has always led the field for easy conversion of stock motor products, even in the sixties Baldor was using a Mod Express system to create more value for customers who needed a quick electric motor delivery. Many years of experience and innovation gives Baldor incomparable design expertise in providing product combinations for two distinctive and fully rounded generator product lines.

Baldor’s new generator Mod Express System delivers more value for customers who need a standby or portable power source!

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