Updated Oct 21, 2010

Following months of design, VMAC announced today the release of the VR140 UNDERHOOD Air Compressor for the 2008 Ford Power Stroke V8 Diesel F250-F550 truck. 

The development represents a small milestone for the Canadian-based manufacturer, who recently released a 70 CFM UNDERHOOD Air Compressor System for the Power Stroke, despite industry critics. 

“FEAD (Front End Auxiliary Drive) manufacturers got their first look at the 2008 Power Stroke at a measuring session in Detroit last year, and most were convinced no belt-driven air compressor was fitting that truck.” Reports Tod Gilbert, Lead Engineer for VMAC UNDERHOOD Division. “Engine components were cramped, the engine bay tight, and unlike the 6.0L, this truck left little room for added components.”

The VR70 Air Compressor System, certified at delivering up to 70 CFM and 175 PSI of air output, paled in size to the VR140, which provides over double the air power. 

Gilbert adds, “Most air compressors at that output weigh in excess of 2000LBS and need to be towed by trailer. The VMAC VR140 system is unique. Fitting a VR140 underneath the hood of the Ford meant building an air compressor that delivered a tow-behind”s muscle, but with dimensions comparable to a toaster.”

The VMAC VR140 for the 2008 Power Stroke weighs in at approximately 200 LBS.

But VMAC insists that the time to design UNDERHOOD Air Compressors for commercial and industrial work trucks is well worth the effort. Lightweight under-hood mounted air compressors maximize payload capacity and deck space on the work truck, allowing contractors and fleet managers to save space for tools and equipment that are required onsite  reducing trips, saving insurance costs, and cutting operator downtime. 

“They”re more efficient…instead of being a gas powered engine in the back of an eight foot pickup box that you always have to keep filling up with oil and gas, they”re underhood.” Kelly Yates, representative for mobile truck equipment outfitter, Russell Truck Equipment. “They take up less space.”

VMAC has engineered over 250 unique UNDERHOOD Air Compressor systems for the light and medium duty work truck, shipping more than 10,000 systems since 1986. For more information regarding VMAC products and technology, visit www.vmacair.com.

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