Atlas Copco Hydraulic Handheld Breakers Ideal For Breaking a Variety of Materials

Updated Oct 21, 2010

Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC offers a complete line of hydraulic handheld breakers, providing an ideal solution for jobs in concrete, asphalt, frozen soil, mortar and brickwork. Offering a high power-to-weight ratio, nine models spanning five different weight classes are available. 


The heaviest of the four standard breakers in the line is the 71-pound LH 39. Able to deliver 110 foot-pounds of blow energy at an average impact rate of 1,275 blows per minute (bpm), the LH 39 is one of the world’s most powerful handheld breakers. Its power can provide a cost-efficient alternative to rig-mounted breakers for heavy-duty applications in reinforced concrete, heavy asphalt and foundations. 


Other standard breakers in the line include the LH 27 (producing 81 foot-pounds of energy at 1,500 bpm), the LH 22 (producing 62.7 foot-pounds of energy at 1,740 bpm) and the LH 18 (producing 48 foot-pounds of energy at 1,600 bpm). Each model has a slim design to provide a clear view for the operator, and each is equipped with basic vibration dampening. 


A more ergonomically advanced version of each model is available thanks to a patented four-spring E-handle (ergonomic) that further reduces vibration levels, improves the breaker’s durability and decreases operator fatigue. The LH 40 E, LH 28 E, LH 23 E and LH 19 E produce the same results as matching standard breaker models, but reduce vibration by up to 71-percent.    


A lightweight horizontal “pick-hammer” breaker is also available. The LH 11 delivers a maximum blow energy of 18.4 foot-pounds at 2,400 bpm. An easily detachable D-handle is an optional feature on the LH 11, providing for increased control and optimal positioning of the breaker and making it ideal for renovation, demolition and structural alteration jobs. 


The LH 39/40 E breaker can be adjusted to operate with an oil flow of either 7.9 or 10.6 gallons per minute (gpm). The LH 27/28 E and LH 22/23 E will operate at either 5.3 or 7.9 gpm. And the LH 18/19 E and LH 11 models operate at 5.3 gpm. 


Optimum operation for the breakers is achieved when powered by a carrier with hydraulic capabilities or by one of a wide range of Atlas Copco hydraulic power packs. These packs feature a power-on-demand system that automatically decreases the pack’s engine speed when the tool is disengaged, reducing fuel consumption and extending the life of the power pack. Equipped with wheels and handles, a power pack can be easily moved around a job site to increase the breaker’s flexibility. The breakers and power packs are small enough to transport by pickup truck and store on a shelf when not in use. 


Each breaker comes standard with a 1.3-foot hydraulic twin hose, which is complete with screw couplings for connection to the breaker and flat-face quick-release couplings for connection to the power pack hose or to the twin extension hose. An optional oil flow divider and extension hoses are available for running the breakers off hydraulic-powered carriers. 


The line of breakers was added to Atlas Copco Construction Tools’ product line through the acquisition of Lifton, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic handheld breakers, power packs, cut-off saws, core drills, post drivers, water pumps and other equipment for the global construction, demolition, utility, mining and rental industries. 



Atlas Copco is a world leading provider of industrial productivity solutions. The products and services range from compressed air and gas equipment, generators, construction and mining equipment, industrial tools and assembly systems, to related aftermarket and rental. In close cooperation with customers and business partners, and with more than 130 years of experience, Atlas Copco innovates for superior productivity. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, the Group’s global reach spans more than 150 markets. In 2006, Atlas Copco had 25,900 employees and revenues of BSEK 51 (MEUR 5 600).

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