New Chicago Introduces Full Line of Hydraulic Handheld Breakers

Updated Oct 22, 2010

Denver, Colo. Providing an efficient solution for breaking concrete, asphalt, frozen soil and brickwork, Chicago Pneumatic’s new full line of hydraulic handheld breakers offers a high power-to-weight ratio and is ideal for demolition, building renovation, road maintenance and utility construction projects. 


The new breaker line consists of four standard models. The 71-pound BRK 95 delivers 103 foot-pounds of blow energy at an impact rate of 1,150 to1,500 blows per minute (bpm), depending on hydraulic flow. Perfect for breaking heavy asphalt, reinforced concrete and foundations, the BRK 95 provides enough power to replace small breaker attachments in certain applications. 


Other standard breakers in the line include the 56-pound BRK 70 (1,500 bpm average), the 46-pound BRK 55 (1,800 bpm average) and the 41-pound BRK 40 (1,600 bpm average). Each model has a slim design to provide the operator with a clear view of the working area, and each is equipped with basic vibration dampening. 


An ergonomically advanced version of each breaker is available thanks to a patented four-spring E-handle that further cuts vibration levels, and increases productivity by decreasing operator fatigue. The BRK 95 VR, BRK 70 VR, BRK 55 VR and BRK 40 VR each produce the same results as matching standard breaker models, but reduce vibration by anywhere from 58 to 71percent.   


A powerful, yet lightweight, horizontal pick hammer is also available. The BRK 25 D delivers up to 18 foot-pounds of blow energy at 2,400 bpm. An optional front handle is easily detachable and pivots 360 degrees for increased control and optimal positioning of the pick hammer.  


The BRK 70 can be adjusted to operate with an oil flow of either 8 or 10 gallons per minute (gpm). The BRK 70 and BRK 55 will operate at either 5 or 8 gpm. And the BRK 40 and BRK 25 D models operate at 5 gpm.  


Optimum performance for the breakers is achieved when powered by a carrier with hydraulic capabilities or by a Chicago Pneumatic hydraulic power pack. Equipped with wheels and handles, a power pack can be easily moved around a jobsite to increase the breaker’s flexibility. 


Each breaker comes standard with a 1.3-foot hydraulic twin hose with screw couplings for connection to the breaker and flat-face quick-release couplings for connection to the power pack hose or to the twin extension hose. An optional oil flow divider and extension hoses are available for running the breakers off hydraulic-powered carriers. Additionally, the BRK 70 and BRK 55 are available in high back-pressure versions for operation using a skid steer loader’s auxiliary hydraulics.

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