Blastrac Sawtec Air Saws Available for a Variety of Applications

Updated Oct 22, 2010

Oklahoma City, OK (January 23, 2008) The Blastrac Sawtec®  brand encompasses a full line of handheld and walk-behind air powered saws, which are environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional gasoline powered saws. They cut concrete and asphalt to depths of up to 8″, depending on the model. These Blastrac saws are an alternative to the gas powered saws that traditionally were the only option when cutting depths of 4″ or more. When compared to gas saws, air saws are lighter weight, require less maintenance because there are no gas lines and eliminate polluting gas exhaust. Air saws are convenient for contractors, public works departments and rental companies that commonly use air-powered tools.    


Sawtec Grinder-Vac concrete grinders control dust, reduce cleanup time, provide better flexibility and increase job-site productivity. The 7″ Grinder-Vac is ideal for performing edge work next to walls or obstructions, and these models are available with a convertible shroud that flips up to allow access to tight areas. The 7″ Grinder-Vac can be used for a variety of concrete grinding applications including cleaning concrete, leveling high spots, smoothing uneven surfaces, cleaning glues and mastics and removing epoxies, urethanes, paint and other coatings. 


The Sawtec line also includes the Tuc-Pointer for masonry tuckpointing, concrete cutting or tile regrouting. When used with a vacuum, this handheld saw can be used to remove mortar or grout joints, as well as concrete cutting applications, completely dust controlled. The Tuc-Pointer cuts to 1 ¼ inch depths, and cuts dry, which saves on cleanup time and improves visibility while cutting. An adjustable shoe depth allows for accurate cutting, while an optional wide-base work shoe has height adjustments and a push handle for more accurate, straighter cuts. 


The Sawtec Crac-Vac is designed for shallow cuts to 1 1/8 inches deep. Its patented vacuum housing with internal impeller fan collects and routes dust to a reusable bag. No separate dust collector is required. The Crac-Vac is ideal for routing random cracks or cleaning expansion joints, and it cuts artificial grout lines and score cuts in stained or overlay-finished decorative concrete. The Crac-Vac can be used as a hand-held tool or used with a dolly for joint cleanout, straight line cutting, decorative cutting or patch work. The decorative kit includes a shoulder strap for the dust bag, and an optional bag wagon holds the dust collection bag in an open position for unrestricted air flow.    


Cutting to 5/8″ depth, the Tile-Vac features a patented vacuum housing that routes dust into the unit’s dust collection bag, eliminating the need for a separate vacuum. It controls dust when cutting concrete or cleaning out tile mortar or grout joints. It cuts dry, saving cleanup time and improving visibility while cutting. Like the Tuc-Pointer, it has an adjustable shoe depth for accurate cutting. 


The Blastrac brand provides more surface preparation technologies and expertise than any other manufacturer: shot blasting, grinding, polishing, scarifying, scraping, milling and cutting. Blastrac equipment is designed for surface preparation of concrete, steel, brick, stone, asphalt and other substrates. Equipment and application training is offered through the Blastrac SPARC program: Surface Preparation Academic Resource Center.  


For more information, call 800-256-3440, visit or stop by the Blastrac Booth S10123 at World of Concrete. 

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