Blastrac offers full line of diamond blades and grinding accessories

Updated Oct 22, 2010

Oklahoma City, OK (January 23, 2008) Blastrac provides a full line of diamond blades and grinding accessories for various applications. Selecting the wrong diamond blade or grinding accessories is a common and costly mistake many contractors make. A mismatched accessory can lead to a longer and less-productive job, decrease profit and sometimes cause serious damage to expensive equipment. Blastrac makes this selection easier by providing a full line of accessories and accessory information for various applications. 


A large variety of premium diamond cup wheels and performance diamond blades for Sawtec® saws and other popular brand saws, as well as specialized tuckpointing and hand tool blades, are available through Blastrac. The type of blade chosen, including the diameter and width of the blade, depends largely on the type of saw being used and the specific cutting application. The 7″ segmented premium wet/dry diamond blade is a segmented diamond blade designed for cutting concrete surfaces and features a high diamond content that results in faster cutting and longer segment life. It is a popular blade for making both wet and dry decorative cuts.  


The X type course grit diamond plug for the Blastrac® BMG 2500 and other plug-style grinders is designed for faster removal and less diamond loading while grinding. The plug has a smaller footprint, resulting in a greater weight per square inch ration than standard round 2″ or 3″ plugs. Additionally, cutting fines are evacuated from under the diamond pad, allowing more diamond contact. The X type course grit diamond plugs are used for aggressive coating removal or for quick concrete preparation.  


Blastrac grinders work by using a grinding disc or wheel embedded with an abrasive media, such as diamond chips, carbide or abrasive silicon carbide discs. The diamond chips or silicon carbide abrade or cut the surface, removing paint, coatings and surface contaminates. Large grinders use diamond plugs or carbide cutters that are affixed to rotating head. Single head systems use a single diamond wheel or abrasive grinding disc. Blastrac provides all the accessories needed for contractor’s grinding and polishing projects, including slicing kits, polishing pads, cup wheels, diamond plugs and litex disks. Zec Litex disks are available in 4.5″ and 7″ and 10 and 16 grit options. 


For more information, call 800-256-3440, visit or stop by the Blastrac Booth S10123 at World of Concrete. 


The Blastrac brand provides more surface preparation technologies and expertise than any other manufacturer: shot blasting, grinding, polishing, scarifying, scraping, milling and cutting. Blastrac equipment is designed for surface preparation of concrete, steel, brick, stone, asphalt and other substrates. Equipment and application training is offered through the Blastrac SPARC program: Surface Preparation Academic Resource Center. 


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