Blastrac offers full line of vacuums for contractors

Updated Oct 22, 2010

Oklahoma City, OK (January 23, 2008) The full line of Blastrac dust collection equipment is designed specifically with the surface preparation and restoration contractor in mind. Blastrac dust collectors are designed to capture concrete dust and are also capable of managing other dry dust applications.  Blastrac offers models from a compact single motor 140 cfm unit to industrial grade 1200 cfm units.   


Choosing the appropriate dust collector for your application is critical to the health of the operator, the performance of the tool and the productivity on the job site. The properly designed dust collector can reward the contractor with a clean working environment, visibility of work being performed, longer consumable life and ultimately longer machine life. The choice of dust collector is in many ways just as important as the tool doing the work. 


Blastrac’s compact vacuums are designed for use with hand tools and small walk-behind scarifiers, concrete grinders and shot blasters. They feature rugged, resin-reinforced, pressure-molded plastic chassis and bodies that will not rust or dent. The motors and filter assembly are protected from abusive job site conditions for longer life, and a silencer on the vacuums reduces motor noise. Dust removal is easy. The dust pan capacity is a manageable 50 pounds which is large enough to minimize emptying frequency, yet small enough to handle comfortably. 


Specially designed for professional use, the Blastrac Heavy Duty Three Motor Industrial Vacuums manage dust and dry material collection with ease.  Also made of rugged, resin-reinforced plastic these vacuums are the most versatile units in the product portfolio.  Three independent motors allow the operator to vary the suction by changing the number of motors used in the application.  Use one motor for hand tool and small upright tools and switch to three motors for higher production tools.


 Blastrac’s Deluxe Four, Six and Eight Cartridge Auto Pulse Industrial  Vacuum is the preferred vacuum for the professional contractor requiring continuous operation and high performance.  This cartridge style collection system is set to pulse the filters every 11 seconds allowing the contractor to work with no performance loss throughout his/her operation. An available electrical outlet on the dust collector keeps connection to site power on a single chord. A large capacity dust bin keeps this dust collector operational for extended periods of time.  These are the top-of-the-line industrial dust collectors used for surface preparation. 


For more information, call 800-256-3440, visit or stop by the Blastrac Booth S10123 at World of Concrete. 


The Blastrac brand provides more surface preparation technologies and expertise than any other manufacturer: shot blasting, grinding, polishing, scarifying, scraping, milling and cutting. Blastrac equipment is designed for surface preparation of concrete, steel, brick, stone, asphalt and other substrates. Equipment and application training is offered through the Blastrac SPARC program: Surface Preparation Academic Resource Center.   

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