The EZ-Screen 1200XL

Whether they”re working as topsoil screeners, compost screeners or gravel screeners,   ordinary box screeners can”t work as hard as the EZ Screen 1200XL, unless they”re teamed with two loaders. The secret”s the EZ-Screen 1200XL”s built-in conveyor system. 

With a typical box screener, the loader operator has two jobs. Job one is keeping the screener filled with material. Job two is using the loader to scoop fines out of the machine and move them to the stockpile.

With the EZ Screen 1200XL on the site, the loader operator has just one job: loading the screener. That other job, moving fines, is handled by the 24″ wide conveyor that”s able to stockpile material as high as eight feet or into a truck.

New screener math: productivity is doubled. In fact, topsoil screening, compost screening and gravel screening yields are now dependant only on the efficiency of the loading operation. No more wasted time cleaning out fines. Production is maximized.  

EZ-SCREEN 1200XL = $38,500 plus freight


The Attachments Idea Book
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