Seedbed Prep can be easy with the Cherrington Screener

One Step, On-the-Go Screening


Seedbed prep is something that is often measured from the top down, instead of from the bottom up.  Creating a deep and clean seedbed is extremely critical to a golf course or athletic field construction. 


Cherrington does more than pick rocks off the surface


The Cherrington system literally screens the topsoil from 1 to 6 inches deep.  Sifting screens allow removal of stones, from ½ up to 10 inch diameter or larger, in a variety of soils.  Sifting is enhanced by intense screen oscillation for fast, effective separation of topsoil from rocks, roots, and debris.


Our mobile screener works just like a stationary screener, only on a tractor towable frame.  The Cherrington Mobile Screener is designed to actually shave a 1 to 6 layer of the loosened material up onto its oscillating screen, loading the rocks, roots and soil onto the rapidly oscillating screen retaining the debris, while returning the cleaned soil directly back to the surface, and creating the perfect seed-ready seedbed. 


Create seedbeds fast and easy with the Cherrington Mobile Screener.


Screen sizes available-½ to 1¼.

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