ST Combi is a non-clogging screening plant, first developed to screen mainly top soil and compost. Because of durable structure it is now used more and more to separate all the difficult materials like waste, compost, clay, and other sticky materials. The structure of Combi is very compact but it can reach the capacity of 300 m³/h ( 400 y³/h )

Screening Element

Non-clogging screening element is built to last hard use and abrasive materials. The Blades in the screening element of Combi are made from steel, not rubber. That enables screening in all the weather conditions like when it is freezing and raining.

When ordering the screening plant, customer can decide the blade spacing among the particle size he desires. Minimum blade spacing is 20 mm (3/4″) and it products grain sizes of 0-15mm (5/8″minus). The largest grain size which can be produced is 0-100mm (4″ minus).

The capacity and quality of the screening can be adjusted by chancing the hydraulic screening element™s angle from five to twenty degrees.

Electronic Watch dog

Electronic watch dog prevents clogging by starting automatic backward rotation. The backward rotating of blades cleans the screen efficiently and there is no need to stop the process for manual cleaning.


Ready to use Combi screening plant is provided with needed platform, like:

  • skid mounted as standard, (available with wheels for temporary work site use)
  • two axels for work site transportation,
  • crawler track mounted. (optional wireless remote control)


Structure of Combi screening plant is simple, functional and efficient. The John Deere diesel engine is located in separate unit which can be pulled out for maintenance by discharging couple of hydraulic tubing. All the functions have separate hydraulic circuit which provides energy efficient and simple structure.

Combi is very compact screening plant. It weights only 10 000 kg (22 000 lbs) and it use only 5 litters (1½ g) diesel per hour. Combi™s structure is result of long lasting developing work and it has been continuingly proven during several years. Nowadays Combi is definitely top of the screening products thanks to its light structure, reliable technology and ability to process difficult materials.

Technical information

Feed conveyor 3000 mm 1000 mm 10ft 3ft 3″
Lower conveyor 10000 mm 800 mm 33ft 2ft 8″
Screenign element 3000 mm 800 mm 10ft 2ft 8″
Engine John Deere diesel 60kwh / 90hp
Lenght 11000 mm 36ft
Height 3000 mm 9ft 10″
Width 2400 mm 7ft 10″
Weight 10000 kg 22000 lbs.

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