Updated Oct 22, 2010

The most functional and advanced machine for texturing or surface preparation on roads, bridges, streets and runways is now rolling out of production at Blastrac®: the BMR 85D Multi-Task Rider.

With minimal noise levels (72dba) and added safety and comfort for the driver, the new 85D offers maximized efficiency and production over conventional walk-behind machines being used in some areas. The new application of extending the life of the surface by re-introducing micro and macro texture will be a large part of the future of infrastructure work as municipalities and DOT”s struggle to keep roads within friction standards without the traditional costs associated with resurfacing. The DOT approved vehicle”s cabin is equipped with heating and air-conditioning, easily accessible and responsive hand controls, and a full monitoring system for the driver/operator.  

Added safety for the driver and reducing strain on the environment is accomplished in part with BMR-85D”s on-board dust collection system. Airborne particulate and contaminants such as paint, compounded surface residues and debris are collected and contained with this impressive system. This dust collection system features a butterfly valve that seals the dust outlet and allows very little dust to be re-introduced into the environment when removing and replacing the “big bag” disposal containers, which are held in place by hydraulic lifts. With its 3000cc 85hp diesel motor, the 85D has plenty of power for its dust containment system and the hydraulics necessary for externally attached tools.

Increasing its versatility, the BMR-85D can also be coupled with Blastrac’s scarifying and grinding attachments for milling and stripe removal. Along with the 2-20DTA shot blasting attachment, they are perfect combinations for renovating and reconditioning roadways and rubber removal on airport runways. The 85D will allow the contractor  to confidently remove old paint markings and rubber residues, mill concrete streets, and texture roadways with improved efficiency, all while easing many environmental concerns.

The BMR-85D is truly a multi-task machine that offers advanced safety and increased productivity for the challenges facing today’s resurfacing contractors.

To get further details on Blastrac’s new BMR-85D, contact Steve Klugherz, at 619-295-0893, or [email protected].

Blastrac is unsurpassed in its manufacturing expertise and surface preparation technologies. Blastrac equipment is designed for surface preparation of concrete, steel, brick, stone, asphalt and other substrates. Equipment and application training is offered by Blastrac, NA through their SPARC Program: Surface Preparation Academic Resource Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. To learn more about Blastrac brand’s complete line of shot blasting, grinding, polishing, cutting, scarifying, and scraping tools, products and equipment, visit

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