Pothole Patching

The Bergkamp FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher drastically reduces material waste with our inculated 5.1 yd3 electric heated hopper that keeps asphalt at a constant temperature and pliable for an extended period of time.

The FP5″s electric heating system eliminates maintenance of hot oil systems and frequent refills of propane common with other patchers. Both the truck-and the trailer-mounted units have a hydraulic AC generator-maintaining consistent material heating. The truck-mounted unit recieves power from the truck”s engine through the live PTO and can run irrespective of its RPMs or speed. The trailer-mounted unit has its own onboard engine. The FP5 was introduced in 2000 and is one of the most proven pothole patchers on the market. It is used daily by state, county and city agencies for pothole, utility and other minor asphalt repairs- reducing material waste.

Other Key Features

  • Large working deck provides safe access to the storage tanks and hopper

  • Two-in-one air tack wand cleans the hole, delivers tack evenly and is self-cleaning to reduce clogging (material in tank aerated as wand is cleaned)

  • Controls and spoils bins located at the rear of the unit-away from traffic

  • Breaker and compactor are hydraulically lowered to the ground to reduce back injuries

  • Plug unit into a 230V outlet during non-working hours to reduce material waste

  • Short wheel base, on truck-mounted units, optimizes maneuverability on city streets

  • Oversized lockable storage bin

  • Agitator and auger shut down when the hopper doors are open

  • Strategically placed safety decals in English and Spanish.

Available Configurations

  • Truck-mounted

  • Trailer-mounted

  • Hook-Lift

Optional Equipment

  • Secondary auger motor provides added torque

  • Single-drum roller

  • Swing auger system helps reach deteriorated road shoulders

  • Arrow band upgrade

  • Propane hand torch to dry put wet potholes and to warm edges

  • Sand spreader to treat icy roads

  • Various sizes of pavement-breaking hammers and attachments

  • Custom configurations available

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