Volvo Construction Equipment will introduce a new line milling machines

Volvo Construction Equipment has developed a new class of milling machines for the road development industry with the introduction of the Volvo MT2000 and Volvo MW500, designed to meet Volvo quality standards. With the addition of these two milling machines to its road machinery product line, Volvo now offers equipment for every phase of roadway construction and rehabilitation, from milling and grading to paving and compaction. Production of the Volvo MT200 and Volvo MW500 will begin at the end of 2008 and it is anticipated that both models will be available to the North American market in the second of 2009.

Volvo MT2000 milling machine

The new Volvo MT2000 is a four-track, front-load, half-lane milling machine powered by a 610-horsepower Tier 3 Cummins engine. With the Volvo MT2000, Volvo brings innovation to milling equipment through exclusive features that increase productivity, serviceability, and overall safety.

The Volvo MT2000 offers three distinct engine and drum cutting speeds selectable from the operator”s panel – an industry first. The low-speed selection provides higher torque at a lower engine rpm to power through tough material or deep-cut applications. The high-speed selection is available for maximum horsepower and efficiency at normal cutting depths.

The Volvo MT2000 can run both 78.74-inch (2 000 mm) and 86.02-inch (2 185 mm) wide drums.

In addition, the new Volvo MT2000 offers:

  • Four-track system with innovative features to improve milling performance
  • Independently controlled gathering and discharge conveyors with variable speed adjustment to meet cutting drum capacity
  • Dual operating stations with advanced technology in intuitive operator panels
  • Flexibility to control both sides of machine and front or rear from one grade and slope control panel
  • Industry-leading serviceability with walk-in engine compartment

Volvo MW500 milling machine

The new Volvo MW500 is a four-wheel, rear-loading, utility-class milling machine that offers a standard cutting width of 19.69 inches (500 mm) Because of its compact size and maneuverability, ideal applications include patching, joints, trenching and close cutting around street and roadway obstructions.

The four-wheel Volvo MW500 has an extremely tight cutting radius of 78.7 inches (200 mm), which is comparable to many three-wheel machines on the market. The right-rear support leg and wheel can be swiveled inboard for flush cutting. The Volvo MW500 offers all-wheel-drive for optimal traction and features anti-slip control (ASC) as standard. Volvo”s patented Line Manager System works in conjunction with the ASC to allow the operator to maintain a constant speed of operation and direction of travel without being adversely affected by the rotation of the milling drum.

The 29.53-inch (750 mm) diameter drum offers a maximum cutting depth of 8.27 inches (210 mm) with a standard cutting width of 19.69 inches (500 mm).

In addition, the Volvo MW500 offers:

  • Optional conveyor package with quick-disconnect conveyor and hydraulically raised rear moldboard
  • Adjustable steering wheel column and innovative control panel with automatic precision depth control and advanced diagnostic capabilities.

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