Roadtec Introduces the New Generation of SX-7 Soil Stabilizers at ConExpo 08

Cut depth, power, and maneuverability set the new generation SX-7 soil stabilizer apart. What™s more, the machine offers a range of features from anti-slip, three-piece rims to a fully enclosed cab and the latest in machine controls to make it a unique and powerful product for the growing stabilization market.

The 700 hp (522 kW) SX-7 features a true 21 (53 cm) cut depth, the deepest in the industry by far. With its right-hand flush cut, the machine pulverizes or stabilizes all the way to the curb line. The cut is 8™-5 (257 cm) wide, perfect for three passes on a 24™ (7.3 m) wide road. Up to 500,000 (5,650,000 of torque to the cutter makes it possible. The SX-7 features the highest cutter torque rating available today. The cutter position in the housing can be adjusted on the fly to provide optimum graduation and throughput for shallow cuts as well as for deep stabilization.


Weight distribution of the SX-7 design across all four tires is equal. The front half of the machine is nearly identical in weight to the back. Equal weight distribution increases maneuverability and decreases the likelihood of getting stuck. The entire machine is steered with one steering wheel. No joysticks are used. Operators can choose from coordinated steer, crab steer, front wheels only, rear wheels only or ZTR (zero turn radius). Out of the cut the machine can be turned on a 0 radius. Depending on the selected mode the steering wheel adjusts to control the correct components.


The operator station of the machine is located over the centerline of the cutter, making navigation easy. Being located over the cutter lets the operator steer the machine precisely according to the position of the cutter drum rather than aiming the cutter from in front of or behind it. The operator can choose from which side to steer depending on the job because the console and seat swivel 180 degrees to either side of the machine and side-shifts 62 (157cm), as does the optional cab.


Rim slippage and tire failure can plague heavy machines with large tires subjected to a lot of torque. That is why Roadtec has chosen to use three-piece wheels that provide much better grip on the tire. The tires themselves are high flotation, deep tread 26.5×25 with 2″ thick sidewalls. Fuel capacity of 435 gal (1,646 L) is sufficient for 11 hours of operation at full horsepower.


The SX-7 is an example of the latest machine control technology, yet it™s easy to use. Three different inter-connected controllers are always in communication with each other. They make sure that all machine functions and systems such as engine power, travel speed, cut depth, hydraulic systems and metering systems are always working together in harmony in accordance with the job specs. The CAN Bus controls are fully compliant with SAE J1939. Contractors can easily connect GPS systems for diagnostics and performance checks from remote locations.


The SX-7 soils stabilizer is equipped with a powerful Caterpillar® C18 18.1 liter, 700 hp (522kW) diesel engine and complies with Tier 3 and Stage IIIa emission standards.  The air intake for the cooling package is in a clean area at top of  the machine in an area that is not exposed to dust or flying particles present during stabilization. The cooling air is also filtered by two pre-cleaners and two dual-stage air filters. A fully-enclosed, climate controlled cab is offered and options also include automatic or manual water and emulsion packages.

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