Miller Ground Breaking – The Scoop

Updated Sep 21, 2010
Here’s the scoop: We deliver greater profits.

The Scoop was designed to negate the additional pin-to-point gained by adding a quick coupler. Since the introduction of the quick coupler, which turned excavators into multi-functioning machines, there has never been a bucket built specifically to complement the coupler and further enhance excavator performance. That is, not until the Miller Scoop
Think of it as an upgrade for your machine’s productivity, efficiency and profitability. Replace your old bucket with the Miller Scoop and you”ll notice something right away: performance that is equal or even better than the factory original. That”s because Miller redesigned every aspect of the bucket, not just the integral pins. Quite simply, the Scoop’s innovative design adds up to amazing advances – helping you do more by providing additional digging power (greater break-out force) with the ability to increase payload and achieve 100%+ bucket fill factor (faster cycle times). That adds up to more of everything – including profits.   

  • Increased digging power using less required force means fuel savings of up to 25% a day
  • The benefits of a Miller universal quick coupler with the productivity of a direct mount bucket
  • Angled cutting edge efficiently provides less bucket resistance
  • Heavy-duty steel fabrication for durability that lasts 
  • The Scoop can also be operated in face mode position
  • Complies to BS474 safety standards
    Customers will tell you: The Scoop pays for itself


 For top performance and profits, always get your fill with the Miller Scoop. To dig deeper

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