Heavy Duty Plate Lip Buckets

Available for:

All Excavator Makes and Models

Recommended Applications:

Specifically designed for tough clay with rock scattered through the soil. Not designed for the prying required to dig solid rock. See heavy duty plate lip or cast lip buckets for tougher digging conditions.


T-1 steel is utilized in all critical or high wear components. The cutting edge is backed by a heavy reinforcing plate with straps protecting the rest of the bottom. Side wear plates reinforce the sides for backfilling.

Cutting Equipment Options:

Equipped with industry standard teeth for extra durability. A selection of quality brand teeth are available to choose from. Box rippers available and installed upon request.

Standard Sizes:

Available: 3/8 cubic yds. to 6-1/2 cubic yds. of various widths are available.

Special designs and capacities available upon request.

Additional Features:

Bolt-on side cutters are highly recommended for additional wearability. Wear straps can be placed horizontally upon request. Adjustable bushings are also available upon request.

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