Allied Gator Claw Bucket

Updated Sep 22, 2010

The patented Allied-Gator® Claw Bucket may well be the most innovative and versatile loader bucket attachment in the business. Created to make scrap handling faster and more profitable, the Claw Bucket consists of two sets of tines and a guarded grid screen that pick up and sift debris, eliminating dirt and fine material while retaining large or awkward materials.

The unique grid design optimizes sorting efficiency by helping to separate more unwanted material from the load, while the Claw Bucket’s wide opening in excess of 85 degrees allows it to take a bigger “mouthful” of material at a single bite. 


From its high-wear battleship “armor” steel body and removable wear pads and tips, to the box construction that protects its industrial-duty cylinders and hydraulic lines, the Claw Bucket is made to stand up to continuous use in the most hostile environments. 


The linkage assembly a common site for failure in similar implements is easy to rebuild. The need to do so is unlikely, however, as the linkage is designed for long, trouble-free wear, with increased bearing surface at contact points and a greasable bushing at the pivot. 


Like every product in the Allied-Gator line, the Claw Bucket was engineered with an eye to easy service in the field. The attachment is easily removed from the bucket by pulling two retaining pins and disconnecting its hydraulic lines. Lubrication points are placed for easy access, and service covers are provided for inspection and removal of hydraulic cylinders. 


Designed specifically to OEM buckets, the Claw Bucket System may be adapted to other, similar weight class machines with additional support frame receivers. A wide variety of designs are available to custom fit almost any bucket. The Claw Bucket is covered by a full one-year warranty for parts and labor.

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