Esco Versatile Thumb Products

Updated Sep 22, 2010

The ESCO line of thumb products complements ESCO buckets and provides more versatility. The ESCO thumb package offers a choice of products to handle all material retention needs and makes any excavator more productive. 
Universal Rigid Thumb 

ESCO offers two Universal Rigid Thumb designs to better match any application. There is the NT Series Universal Rigid Thumb and the RC Series Universal Rigid Thumb. Universal style mounting allows installation on 10-40 ton excavators and is an economic option to hydraulic versions. Review the features and benefits of each below to make the best rigid thumb selection. 
NT Rigid Thumb Benefits

  • The integrated design allows the thumb to be stored
    as one unit
  • Three working positions provide more versatility
  • Three tines with center tine recessed to cradle objects for a better grip
  • High grade T1 steel is used in critical components for increased strength and durability to make thumb stronger and last longer
  • Larger serrated teeth than the competition provides more gripping action
  • Independent thumb does not interfere with bucket lugs or quick coupler, for fast attachment changes
  • Thumb adjustment requires only moving a single pin, keeping down time to a minimum
  • Increased rotation to 115°



RC Rigid Thumb Benefits

With all the superior features of the NT series, the RC series thumb offers these additional benefits:

  • Four tines to mesh with teeth on ESCO buckets with five tooth positions
  • Increased material thickness for added strength and durability
  • Three working positions allows movement ranges of 68°, 86° and 112°
  • Staggered serrated teeth to provide a continuous bite across the thumb


 Hydraulic Thumbs

  •  Universal Hydraulic (UH) an economical option to a standard hydraulic thumb and with lower lead time
  • Non-Linkage Style the hydraulic cylinder is pinned directly to the thumb with thumb rotation of approximately 120°
  • Non-Linkage Style for Couplers thumb provides consistent 120° rotation with coupler
  • Linkage Style the progressive linkage between the cylinder and thumb gives the ESCO hydraulic thumb more complete rotation, up to 180°
  • Linkage Style for Couplers the progressive linkage between the cylinder and the thumb provides 180° rotation and is designed for use with a coupler
  • Heavy gussets and reinforcements make the thumb stronger and longer lasting
  • Serrated teeth with webbing for more gripping action
  • Large diameter hardened pins and bushings not only provide more life, but also allow easy thumb rebuild
  • Thumbs are engineered for individual buckets (except UH thumbs), so there’s no interference
  • Heavy-duty thumb stop also protects cylinder from damage
  • Cylinders utilize heavy-duty rods and are cushioned at both ends for longer lasting problem-free cylinders
  • Thumbs retract close to boom when not in use to allow digging visibility
  • Most non-linkage hydraulic thumbs can be upgraded to full-linkage to offer more product flexibility
  • High-grade T1 steel is used in critical components to increase service life and provide greater strength  


Hydraulic Thumb Kits
Bi-directional Hydraulic Kits for Thumbs  

  • Heavy wall (.20″) tubing with welded JIC fittings, 3/4″ I.D.
  • Extra heavy-duty cast clamp assemblies grip tubes securely for demanding applications no rubber bushings to loosen and wear out
  • Premium quality hoses with guards as required
  • High pressure shut off
  • Either joy stick or foot pedal controls
  • Kits include all mounting hardware, brackets, tubes, hoses and various controls
  • Complete documentation for installation and parts list
  • Full technical support available
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