Multi-Tine EZ-Grip Attachment

Available for:

Most Compact Excavators and Loader Backhoes

Recommended Applications:

Specifically designed to aid in handling or loading irregular shaped objects, that a bucket alone can”t handle. Because it easily retracts back against the dipper, it can be left on the machine during normal excavation. Not intended to be used for prying or ripping.

Quality Construction:

High strength steel is used throughout the entire weldment.

Standard Sizes Available:

Each unit is custom manufactured to match the bucket width and tip radius. This information is required at time of ordering. The number of tines may be limited by the width of the bucket used in conjunction with MT-Grip.

Additional Features:

A high strength cylinder is used on hydraulic versions to withstand rugged conditions. Multi-tine EZ-Grips are available in rigid designs also. Standard MT-Grips are stick-pin mounted. Weld-on mounts are available also.

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