Wedgelock Rollers

Wedgelock Rollers provide an alternative to the vibrating trench compactor. Designed for the compaction of base coarse, various sizes of aggregate and a variety of soil conditions, Wedgelock Rollers provide for fast and effective compaction at a fraction of the cost.

Wedgelock Rollers are available in a variety of roller diameters and widths, which in turn accommodates trench width and machine size variations. The Wedgelock Trench Compaction-type Roller has a bolted ear plate assembly that allows for different ear plates to be fitted enabling multiple-use on other machines. The bearing mounted main pivot of the roller is fully sealed and lubricated minimizing wear of the main assembly. Fitted with heavy-duty feet spaced to suit the roller width and cleaning bars, material is cleared from the roller during operation.

Features of Wedgelock Rollers:

  • Fully sealed bearing system minimizes maintenance
  • Available in various roller widths and diameters
  • Bolted ear plate assembly allows interchange ability with other machines
  • Non-vibrating operation
  • Suitable for use with excavators from 13.0 to 36.0 Tonne (28,600 to 79,200 Lbs)

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