WACKER introduces new attachment compactors

Updated Sep 22, 2010

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin Known for its compaction equipment, WACKER’s addition of attachment compactors is a natural addition to the line.  Attachment compactors are ideal for simplifying the work process related to soil compaction in ditches, canals and dams offering fast, easy and efficient compaction.  These units are controlled from the excavator and provide high compaction performance and depth while keeping the operator well protected from noise, exhaust, dust and direct vibration. 

WACKER is offering two models.  The WAV 40 weighs 992-pounds and has baseplate size of 16.5 inches wide and 41-inches in length and produces up to 9,217 pounds of centrifugal force.  The WAV 40 is recommended for use on excavators sizes up to 20,000 pounds.  The WAV 60 weighs in at 1,323 pounds and has baseplate size of 25.2 x 46.5 inches and produces up to 15,737 pounds of centrifugal force.  The WAV is recommended for use on excavators in the 16,000 to 34,000 pound range.

Both units offer eccentric rotator axis which provides superior handling characteristics with an extended reach, and excellent guidance.  The unique flat design of WACKER attachment compactor also makes for easier handling.  Attachment compactors are low maintenance because they do not need an internal combustion engine for the eccentric-weight drive.  Maintenance is further reduced because of the flow through control valve; the motor operates at a constant frequency of 2,000 rpm, regardless of how the excavator’s hydraulics is set. 



Wacker Construction Equipment AG (Munich, Germany) and Neuson Kramer Baumaschinen AG (Linz, Austria) have merged forming a major global manufacturer of light and compact equipment.  As a result of this merger, the USA subsidiary, Wacker Corporation will now offer a line of compact equipment as well as continue to support and expand its complete line of light and climate control equipment designed for the construction, landscape, agriculture, utility, and homeowner markets.  For more information visit  please https://www.wackerneuson.com/.

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