Compactor Drivers

Updated Sep 22, 2010

Allied pioneered the concept of hydraulically operated Ho-Pac® vibratory compactor/drivers.  Using an eccentric, rotating weight that creates vibrations and impulse energy, a carrier mounted Ho-Pac provides the needed forces for effective soil compaction.
The all-new extreme Ho-Pacs now deliver more impact energy, an errorless four-function valve, a variety of mounting configurations and maintenance-free oil splash bearing lubrication. 
Because it’s both a compactor and a driver, the Allied Ho-Pac permits even the smallest contractor or municipality to have this dual capability available. 

  • Four Function Valve 
    Controls flow, pressure, regenerations and oil flow direction
  • Oil Splash Lubrication 
    Provides maintenance-free (no greasing) bearing lubrication
  • Tough Coat Hoses 
    Prevent cuts and extend wear-life
  • Variable Mounting SystemTM (VMS) available
    All models available with Allied’s patented
    VMS mounting system for quick changing between carriers     

Ho-Pacs are ideal for trench, slope and excavation compaction. The vibration  produced by the Ho-Pac is an ideal force for compacting granular materials since vibration generates stress waves which bring the soil’s air to the surface. As a result, the particles of soil are rearranged and moved closer to each other which reduces voids in the soil.  Ho-Pacs compact in densities in excess of 95% Proctor. Ho-Pacs are also used for compacting waste materials and for breaking up frozen coal. An optional swivel-top mounting bracket permits precise positioning of the Ho-Pac without repositioning the carrier. 
As a driver, Ho-Pacs offer a faster, less-expensive technique for driving wood, steel and aluminum sheeting, H and I beams, piling, posts and sea walls. Ho-Pacs send vibration along the length of the item being driven, breaking the skin friction that slows driving.  
This vibration, coupled with the impulse force of the Ho-Pac and the carrier’s down pressure, makes the unit a truly remarkable driver of beams, sea walls and piling. 
The Skid Steer mounted Skid-Pac uses the same technology to provide the needed forces for effective flatwork soil compaction. 
Changing from bucket to Skid-Pac in minutes, it eliminates the need for a special purpose machine – like a walk-behind plate compactor or ride on roller on the jobsite.

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